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Take appropriate action for relief to the Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.) units/artisans

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The Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.) units are being asked to shift from Sanganer, Jaipur, to Chitroli village, about 42 kms away from Sanganer. This is being done on grounds of pollution level increasing beyond permissible levels as per the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB). Therefore we appeal to please stop this closure/relocation move. We have the following points to support our appeal-

1.       The pollution if its reaching beyond permissible levels, is being contributed majorly by the paper industry, fabric dyeing units, screen printing units. Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.)  process requires limited water and thus the level of pollution caused by the hand block printing units could be way within the permissible limits. So here we request a detailed scrutiny for the same and thus segregating the levels of pollution being caused by each segment and then treating each segment separately than giving a generalized treatment to all the printers and asking them all to close/relocate.

2.       Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.) is a centuries old art tradition. It is the traditional and cultural Heritage. There are so many people involved in this art form to save this Heritage. If moved from Sanganer this Heritage will be lost. The govt in a country is usually proud of its handicraft and here contrary to promoting the art it is being made to be crushed altogether.

3.       As mentioned in the second point there are so many artisans involved in producing this art form and make their livelihood through Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.). The art is so much in their veins since generations that now they cannot survive their livelihood by any other means than just making it by means of Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.). If shifted to such a distant location these poor workers will not be able to survive and there will be no one looking after their families as women and children of the family staying back home and it will not be feasible for the artisans to commute such a distance. This is a cottage industry and should not be treated as any other industry. Its sustaining about 3000 families.

4.       Sanganer has received a GI tag for Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.) after its efforts in maintaining and continuing the art form since centuries. Now when the art form is GI tagged for one location, its rather contradictory to shift it to another location.

Having put the above points we once more request on a detailed scrutiny of the area to separately gauge the pollution that is being caused by paper industry, fabric dyeing units, screen printing units and hand block printing units. Only then will be able to get a clear picture and details about how much pollution is flowing from which segment. Segmentation is really important, without which the entire Sanganeri Hand Block Printing (G.I.) industry will be penalized due to the fault of other segments as mentioned above.  

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