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PMO: Fund research for eradication of mosquitoes species that cause diseases

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Every year, mosquitoes kill more humans than any other animal. Mosquitoes are involved in transmitting diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya. Malaria alone contributes about 2 million confirmed malaria cases and 1,000 deaths annually, although 15 million cases and 20,000 deaths are estimated by WHO. The profound impact of complicated malaria in pregnancy includes anemia, abortions, still births.This imposes great socio-economic burden.

Marlon Brando island is now free of mosquitoes with a simple process eliminate them. Introduce certain male mosquitoes that will mate with and sterilise the females rendering their eggs nonviable. After a few rounds of such treatment, the population is unable to reproduce itself and collapses.

Similar methods along with genetic modification experiments needs to conducted in India for the feasibility. I request Government of India to fund this research which will benefit the general population immensely.

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