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Petition to PM Modi to introduce oral care in schools

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I Anand Kumar, work as General Secretary for a non-profitable organization called “The society for people health” where we regularly conduct health camps to promote preventive health care and other major aspects of health.

In this endeavor, on January, 28th, 2017 we organized a dental screening camp for 2000 students and teachers of government schools and collected the report of almost 90% of students suffering from one or the other dental problems.

Analyzing this issue, we conducted surveys and research to know the status of children's oral health in India, from which we got to know that in India more than 60% of students are a victim of some sort of dental health issues.

Due to lack of dental health insurance and lack of awareness of the importance of oral care for children, they have not been provided with regular oral care.

The government and other private health sectors of India have provided various programs to protect and prevent the health of school children which does not include regular oral care checkups. 

Students spend most of their daytime in school, where being healthy is being taught and given importance. They have been provided with frequent health check-ups, with which we request you to introduce the regular oral care checkups as a part of the school program.

The school students should be provided with a complete oral solution without any conditions applied so that, in future, the oral care for students are not neglected for any reasons.

With this petition, I request the government of India to consider the oral health as a major concern by making it a part of school program/plans. And, I also request the other private healthcare industry to come up with a solution to improve the oral health status of Indian children.

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