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One India Two Capitals - Request to accord second capital status to Bengaluru

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With reference to letter written by Anil Shetty, National President of Nav Bharat Democratic Party to Prime Minister of India on 17/11/2017. Karnataka State Industry minister RV Deshpande wrote similar letter to PM on 5/01/2018 endorsing our idea. We have now initiated the process of consensus building among all stakeholders. 

Please read the letter below. 

Ref.No - 000125/NAV/KAR/17-2017. 

Date: 17-11-2017

Shri Narendra Modi
Honourable Prime Minister
Govt of India

Subject — One India-Two Capitals. Request to accord second capital status to Bengaluru.

Respected PM,

We the people of India bound by the Indian Constitution strongly believe in the idea of one nation and universal brotherhood. We, 1.3 billion Indians, see our future together. Even though geographically we are often called North Indians, South Indians, Northeast Indians and so on, we still believe we are all the children of mother India.

Yet we write to you as a representative of a vast majority of under-represented citizens of India who coincidentally or unfortunately do not belong to the northern part of India i.e. south and eastern part of India. We feel that there is a very lopsided attention given to the rest of the States of India.

Let me elaborate. Usually the northern and western states get so much attention, be it: elections, current affairs,economy, disbursal of funds, awards and even representation in the Parliament and Union Cabinet. This is leading to immense discontentment and distrust towards the central government in the under-represented parts of India.

Unfortunately, this has been a chronic problem from the time of Independence. Moreover, recently the central government has been accused of "hegemonic Hindi imposition” which is seen as a direct onslaught against the culture and languages of the rest of India. Though we do not fully subscribe to this accusation, but it certainly is a cause of concern. Also, we have observed that the recruitment policies for government jobs give inadequate consideration to domicile and vernacular languages, which is like adding salt on the ripe wounds. We concede that you did not author these issues, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that you had over three and a half years to correct these biases, but nothing has happened in spite of bringing it to your attention on quite a number of occasions.

We are not here to just complain and nag you, but here to provide an amicable solution, which we are always known for. We suggest India have two capitals and at least one session of Parliament should be conducted in this second capital. This will certainly bring a sense of ease among the vast majority of under-represented citizens. This will also bring the pole of politics away from the over-hyped Lutyen’s Delhi and its notorious power brokers.


We humbly suggest Bengaulru as the second capital for the following reasons

1. Bengaluru is geographically in the centre of the southern part of India and bordering all the southern states, which gives it an unique edge of being a fulcrum of politics.

2. Bengaluru’s demography is known for its diversity. The city has people from every State, not just southern ones, but a large population of the Northeast too.

3. Bengaluru also hosts the head offices of many multinational companies hence making it a home for a lot of expats.

4. Kannadigas are known for their hospitability without any taint of hatred or racism.

5. Bengalureans are cosmopolitan and everyone speaks at least two languages and many speak more than two.

6. Karnataka accounts for 44% of India’s investment plans.

7. Bengaulru is the abode for technology and a womb for Startups in Southeast Asia.

8. Bengaluru has very good weather and the city is ever expanding to accommodate more and more people.

9. Lastly, Bengaluru’s Vidhana Soudha is the largest state legislative building in the country and it can certainly fulfil the infrastructure needs of the second capital.

We hope you take our concerns seriously and respond to make it a level playing political discourse.

India will truly be a democratic republic when we have decentralised the governance model and political narrative.

Let’s come together to build Nav Bharat (New India)

Your’s In Service

Anil Shetty
National President
Nav Bharat Democratic Party
Bengaluru - 560078.
Email -

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