One India, one skill, one pay

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Rajneish Khajuria started this petition to Prime Minister of India and

Rural India is starved of development since independence. Paving development only in urban areas has forced masses to migrate to cities which has created nothing but chaos and over crowding. Rural India also deserves the same share of development.

If the residents in rural areas are paid the same salaries as their urban counterparts, rural India will also get the same share of development.

Big multinational companies should be regulated to create equal job opportunities in rural parts as they do in urban areas. This will not only spark rural development but also create equalisation in urban and rural parts of India.

How would rural India benefit from development only in urban parts.? Rural India also deserves the same share of development as urban does. If big MNC’s are bound to develop their offices in rural parts, and an equal pay is paid to people living in rural parts, it will restrict the masses to move to cities for jobs. This can be done by creating a pay scale of same standards across the country regardless of the area(urban or rural)based on the skill set rather than location.

Why a person living in Mumbai be paid 10 times higher than someone working in a rural part of the country for the same skill?

The mentality of paying people according to the location has just given preference to metropolitan cities as people get paid well there. If same pay scale is paid to citizens in the rural part, it will not just stop mass migration to the cities but also develop the rural areas equally.

The point is to have an indiscriminated approach to rural India which has been ignored since independence. That’s why we have seen rapid and unproportional development in urban and rural India. Rural parts have laid in ignorance as we tend to concentrate more on big cities. Why someone born in a village is deprived of the ability to earn an equal salary for a job or skill set, which they might have earned if they were born in a city. This is nothing but gross discrimination between rural and urban parts of the country since independence.

If this is implemented with spirit and intention, this could help lift the masses of rural India to the level of urban India realistically. As of now the rural parts of our country rely on governmental packages for their development. Let’s make the corporate world to contribute equally for the villages by creating job opportunities there. Establishing offices, factories and companies in rural parts will bring genuine development.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!