#NoBolsonaro #DontPolluteRepublicDay Modiji, we dont want a Criminal at our Republic Day!

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is the worst kind of Criminal.  He had announced in his campaign that he would open up the sensitive Amazon Rain forests to exploitation.  And that is exactly what he did on being elected.  He has been getting indigenous people murdered, rights activists murdered, and has literally set the entire Amazon Rain forests on fire so that meat, big agri, and lumber industry can exploit the forest lands.   

He is a destroyer of the planet that we cannot afford to have in this time of crucial Climate Crisis and Global Climate Emergency.  

It is a huge mistake you are doing, inviting such a globally ostracised criminal as a chief guest.  This reduces the stature of our democracy and civilisation like nothing else!  You are setting up our country for massive ridicule!  

As a policy blunder this is a double whammy, we have invited both a perpetrator of Ecocide as well as Genocide!   The world will never forgive us for this! 

This is a huge low in our Foreign Policy, one we will be laughed at, for years to come!

We have nothing against good relationships with the people of Brazil.  Like us, they are also at the receiving end of Capitalism and its destructive side.  But we should have nothing to do with the Bolsonaro regime, which is nothing less than LUNATIC!

We have to distance ourselves, to send the message that we wont encourage environmental crime, or crimes against humanity, and that we stand for environmental justice. 

We can wait for a while till Brazil elects a sensible and decent person as president and then let's push for good ties with them.  Until then, it wont matter much!

Please correct this huge mistake right away!  Please withdraw the invitation. 

Please invite Greta Tunberg instead!  That would be the boldest and best message we can sent out to the world, on our Republic Day!