New Sexual assault prevention and remedy mechanism

New Sexual assault prevention and remedy mechanism

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Manthan Bothra started this petition to Prime Minister of India and

The recent Dr. Priyanka Reddy case has proven the current approach towards solving the problem of sexual assault has been fruitless.

While doing research I was horrified to find that such cases have been occurring throughout India i.e from Bihar to Andhra Pradesh and from Kolkata to Dehradun. I humbly request the government to adopt if not completely, then a partial mechanism as suggested by me below.

1. Preventive mechanism

Prevention is better than cure I think the current status can improve if we can implement these changes.

1. Teaching girls from class 6-12 self defense techniques by making it a compulsory part of curriculum.

2. Teaching girls the ways to detect and address such incidents by way of proper councilling of students,teachers and parents.

3. Changing the value education syllabus to involve the recent changes and making student aware of such issues.

4. Helping female in every district to form NGO'S (Stree Kalyan Kendra) with the aim of organizing awareness campaign and helping victims. Such NGO'S can be supported by lawyers, teachers, medical practitioners, and psychologists.

5. With every toll center in highway, building am additional female helpline (the fund can be collected by way of toll tax,no one would mind spending a few bucks on female security) such helpline will have ambulances, and patrol vans with female staff only.

6. A complaint registered for groping, molestation or sexual assault if is not considered within the next 60 minutes will be regarded as a criminal offence (supporting the wrongdoers)

2. Legal mechanism for such incidents.

I believe we need a complete modification of existing mechanism. The following changes are expected 

1. Addressing sexual assault, molesting or groping cases within 30 minutes of recording of complaint. The victim to be immediately provided safety as well as her family to be provided safety too in order to avoid chances of attack on family to take back complaint.

2. A assisting team which will consist of psychologist, medical practitioner, lawyer, ngo representative and a police officer (preferably female) to be constituted within 12 hours of receiving the complaint, to get victim comfortable and medical checkup of the victim.

3. Name of the victim not to be revealed in media under any circumstances.

4. The wrongdoers taken behind bars within 6 hours of wrongdoing, if possible otherwise their names to be revealed in public by showing their name and pictures on national media, as soon as medical report confirms

5. If the accusation found false, the accuser to be charged with criminal offence and given a punishment of 7 years.

6. If accusation found true, a special court consisting of female judge to be constituted, the judge would be solely responsible to award death sentence,which can only be changed by President of India.

7.The court to solve the case within 5 working fays, by extending time period of work, otherwise victim gets right to demand case to be taken to supreme Court which will be required to solve case within next three days. It doesn't matter if Courts would be required to be kept open on sundays or holidays.

8.if the accuser found guilty,

Death sentence in case of sexual assault,no matter whether he accepts mistake or not. (To be given within the next 7 days of the judgement being delivered)

Life imprisonment in case of molestation which can be reduced to 25 years imprisonment if the victim agrees.

10 years imprisonment in case of groping and prevention of the person to ever enter public transport, which can be reduced to 5 years,if victim agrees.

I believe such changes will again make India, the paradise for women.

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