Need Justification Reg. National Cricketer "Ambati Rayudu" from unethical motion of BCCI

Need Justification Reg. National Cricketer "Ambati Rayudu" from unethical motion of BCCI

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Vinay True Indian started this petition to Prime Minister of India

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Shri.Shri.Narendra Modiji,

Ambati Rayudu's Retirement to Cricket .

It is the burning agony of lakhs of Telugu people except former AP CM Mr.Chandrababu's flavored people.

In what could be said the most pathetic moment that talented cricketer Ambati Rayudu announced his retirement on last Wednesday. In the wake of BCCI took silly decision to rope in Mayank Agarwal instead of Ambati, the latter had announced his retirement with an utmost desperation.

It is heard that a former BJP top leader and present top personality at national level Gokaraju Ganagaraku (CBN flavoured person) and BCCI chief selector MSK Prasad's conspiracy led to Ambati's retirement.

MSK Prasad was said to have been selected as BCCI chief selector by Venky due to caste feeling. Both Venky and MSK belong to the same caste. Moreover, MSK belongs to the same caste of the TDP's head Chandrababu Naidu. As such, CBN allotted 10 acres of land to MSK in Amaravati at nominal cost.

Since MSK, CBN and Gokaraju Ganagaraku ( Kamma Paleru) are said to have been jealous on Ambati's dominance and thought that Ambati's caste ( A dominant caste by population) would be elevated in AP, MSK turned down Ambati's aspirations to get selected for world cup. Instead, Vijay Shankar, who showed under performance in world cup, was picked up for world cup squad. MSK defended his selection stating that he had seen 3-dimensional qualities of Vijay Shankar. Sadly, Viay Shankar exhibited damaging performance in the world cup.

With a depression mood of MSK's 3D defence, by 33yrs dark carrier, humiliation by Andhra Cricket Association, Ambati posted a message on his Twitter platform that he would be watching world cup matches wearing 3D glasses which were ordered by him.

Since Pant and Mayank Agarwal were selected instead of Ambati, the latter's blood got boiled and announced his retirement.

Ambati has 47% batting average and played 55 one day internationals. Mayank Agarwal, on the other hand, had a poor track record who took just three wickets with an average of 72%.

With due respect I am bringing to your kind attention, the unethical and unhealthy incident happened to one of the worthy cricket players by selection team which causes the deep agony to lakhs of people of Andhra Pradesh because of the former A.P. Chief Minister, Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu “flavoured people”. In this one is from BJP is Mr.Gokaraju Gangaraju, the other one is Mr.Prasad.

Coming to our National Cricket team our BCCI has finalized one team for the WorldCup, in that One Telugu guy, whose name is Mr.Ambati Rayudu, came from a middle class family, has proved his success line in many stages. Unfortunately, Andhra Cricket Association never give any attention on him because of  the caste polarization. He is known and familiar to this Nation in T20 matches played on behalf of the Maharashtra Team. With this you can assess his standards of playing in cricket. He has good average compared to any player in the present international cricket team. At last he was chosen as a stand by player in place of 4th down. Unfortunately our 4th down regular player fallen injured, naturally that place has to be replaced by Mr.Ambati Rayudu only, instead of that in a surprising manner the team India management has chosen another player who is having lot of variation in ranking also.

This is because of the backend motion of Chandrababu Naidu flavoured people only, which believes by  90% of the Telugu people, who knows the hidden agenda of Mr.Chandrababu Naidu. By noticing these irregularities, partial methods the great player Mr.Ambati Rayudu has announced his retirement from the Cricket, when he is on a good track record.

Even by seeing the agony of Telugu people the Telangana Chief Minister’s Son, TRS working committee president, Mr.KTR, has expressed his sorrowfulness towards him, which came in Newspaper also, which I am endorsing here for your kind reference. With this you can assess, how the Andhra Pradesh  state level cricket teams are functioning and it is needed restructure every year from IT and Medicos. With this IT people assess the flow of the ball and bat etc., and Medicos will track their fitness and health condition. Apart of this these two category people anybody in the cricket team are meaningless and useless. Hence at last I am begging you to resolve the issue by utilizing your powers and do needful to Mr.Ambati Rayudu at earliest.

with this how dissolving the Rights of the dedicated worthy candidates in Sports. These Sports associations, committees are really work transparently or not you people can decide with this incident. Apart of this how these associations people are benefited of themselves and to their people.

Hence I request to your highness, Kindly do justification to this poor guy who came from a middle class family with a great dedication towards our Nation.

Thanking you Sir.

Yours Sincerely,

True Indian Vinay.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!