Let all the Rape and other cases of physical abuse be dealt with a Mandatory CBI enquiry.

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Dear Prime Minister, 

We need a mechanism to track down the cases of rape and other physical abuse against the women and children transparently and make sure of timely investigation and the deliverance of justice for the victims. 

The past few months there have been number of Cases against Women and Children, whether they are rape and murder cases or kidnap and murder cases or physical assault. All over the nation from Surat to Assam, from Kathua to bihar,  Unnav to Karnataka such horrifying cases are reported. Some states have uniform laws and procedures and few others have special provisions because of special statuses. So, I request you to arrange for the Mandatory CBI enquiry into all the cases of Child Abuse and Rape cases irrespective of caste, region, religion and also gender as we frequently hear about the abuse meted out to the male children too. So, as soon as the case is filed and also when the unidentified deaths are registered, every such case must be taken care directly by the CBI because nothing is more important than the lives of innocent victims. The timely investigation and severe punishment to the culprits can reduce the crimes which is the need of the hour.

Also, kindly arrange for a tracker website which can periodically provide the information on the number of the cases registered every month region wise, all over the nation , their status of investigation, record of the cracking down on culprits and the verdict. This can help reducing the negligence and lethargy on part of the respective authorities in cracking the cases soon as the info will be available for the public, to be able to question the concerned authorities regularly.