Leniency toward CBSE 2018 Class 10 and Freedom from Pvt School Mafia

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Dear Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modiji,

Thank you for having a word with the HRD minister regarding the issue of the CBSE 10th Standard leaked question paper on behalf of the students.

Sir around 17 lakhs students were affected all over India and abroad as well.

Humble request to you if you could also speak to the HRD minister and CBSE Board on on behalf of children on the following issues as well.

1. Can CBSE allot centres’ within a 3-5 kms radius from present school instead allotting centres’ so far off ? ( Personally for us we had to travel approx 27 Kms one way to the CBSE centre each day. Students and parents in central and northern India, during the exam season have to brave temperatures of almost 45-49 degrees centigrade.)

2. The 2018 is the batch unique in that sense their portion is bigger than the Final year B.A degree or B Com degree program.   Suddenly in 2017 it was decided that instead of a semester system, students will have to appear for yearly exam consisting of whole course.?

Could not CBSE board applied some thought to reduction in the portion before deciding on this pattern ?

 Most students are exhausted, considering their age and capacity. Quite a few complained that they have lost interest in studies altogether.

Is this not a loss to the nation ?  Would CBSE also some leniency towards children while correcting papers ? considering this very large quantity of portion ?

3  Request you to kindly CBSE to show some sensitivity on matters deciding portion, schedules etc.,

4. Could the leak have been avoided? Can the govt once set a smart security system and also set example by catching ALL those involved and ensure they are punished?

5. Most CBSE affiliated private schools all over India are involved in the following mal practices

a. Illegally hiking of fees without authorization (Private Primary and middle school now almost become unaffordable for middle income group )

 b. Collecting admission fees (These have be banned in most states but schools brazenly collecting these)

 c. Forcing parents to buy books, shoes, uniform and transport from single vendor. There by taking cuts making huge illegal profits

 d. Some private schools make it compulsory that parents have to buy meals from them. Making huge profits

e. Many cases they are involved in illegally confining children in school premises if their parents protest against fees.

f. Forceful rustication from school or Issuing leaving certificate to children of parents that raise their voice about the issues.


  These above mal practices started during Congress rule in most states. But the unfortunately and to the anger of people continued during the BJP rule as well.

 State Education ministers or apparatus is hardly bothered in breaking this mafia style operations. The corrupted system seems to have convinced our BJP Ministers that nothing can be done or has bought them over so that they are ready to leave the inherited system as is.  

 As a last resort we have to ask you to intervene. Please ask the CM's in BJP states to ensure that they immediately put a stop these practices.


Issue number 5 mentioned above is even worse than the triple Talaak, unemployment issue etc., due to sheer scale of people affected by it. Also because it goes beyond religion and affects future generations of our country.

 Look forward that you would look into the matter and get us some respite.

We humbly beg you to kindly step in and set these matters straight as only you can.