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Sukhmohinder Kaur 
Age: 63. Confined to her room in House No-105, Sector 36-A, Chandigarh.

Now in Bed No 9, Emergency Ward, Government Hospital, Sector 32.

Sukhmohinder Kaur's current medical file calls her "destitute." Let me assure you she is not. Her father late Brigadier Sampuran Singh's name is linked to India's capture of the Haji Pir Pass. He received the Maha Vir Chakra and Vir Chakra.

On May 20, Sukhmohinder Kaur or Sukhi had to be rescued out of the one room she has in the home now occupied by her brother Colonel (Retired) Sarabjit Singh. Her brother claims he did not know his sister was ill rather so gravely ill that social workers had to move in.

Sukhi is also my Masi - mother's sister.

The story here is not about my Masi. That she is makes it utterly, gut-wrenchingly real for me. The story here is about India's daughters. The story here is about India's senior citizens. The story here is about India's single women.

There are many questions Sukhi raises for each of us. These are questions we need to ask. We need to ask them now. Because in the act of looking away we are going to allow another Sukhi to happen.

How do we explain this - how did a woman end up like this. How did she go from House No 105, Sector 36-A, Chandigarh. 160036 to an emergency ward in a government hospital?

Her current address: Bed No 9. Sector 32. Chandigarh.

She shouldn't even be there. The property her father willed equally to all his 3 children is worth crores of rupees. Her brother who claimed he didn't know his sister was ill has not even gone to see her.

This story is not about the 3-days of her confinement that has done the media rounds. It is about the 6 years, the impact of long-drawn legal battles, disputed family will and abuse - both psychological and physical. This is not the first time the police has got involved. She has been dragged into this mess by a brother who has failed her. 

None of this is new, of course. This is the story of many homes. Why then should you even choose to lend your name to this petition - one of many doing the rounds online?

Because this is not an isolated story.

This can happen to any woman anywhere. Sukhi is an educated woman, my Masi. Her highest qualification a Masters degree in English Literature from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Her past jobs: Lecturer and Naturopath.  When she was pushed into these these painful legal rounds 6 years ago, she knew what the odds were but she was left with no choice. She lost her case, which is not entirely unexpected. By the time it came to the next round of appeals, she was utterly defeated. She was being slowly broken by the very systems that were there to protect her.

I ask for a review of her cases and because I believe if justice was served, then this would not be the state she would have been found in. 

Her story needs a national level public airing because there are several unresolved questions here.

Why are these things happening? In addition to families, are even our systems to some extent failing? 

I seek a review because cases such as hers are unfolding even as I type perfect homes, with perfectly manicured garden with even more perfectly lined driveways filled with cars.

I seek your support because no Sukhi in any part of our country should ever feel alone. That she must always have stronger forms of redressal, that she must not feel beaten by the very system whose job it is protect her.

This is a story bigger than hers or mine. This was not supposed to be her life. She should have been quietly enjoying her chai having spent 6 years of her own life taking care of her bed-ridden mother.

With a completely broken heart...with very little hope left...I appeal for your support in helping me ask the question: What really happened to Sukhmohinder Kaur?

This is not the time to look away. Each name on this petition counts. It is fact...There is no pressure like public pressure. It is your collective voices that will ensure that another Sukhi does not happen...Hopefully. 

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