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Recent incidences that have occurred in our country, shall be used as political stocks and the media would be dangling around these stories for a year, but like those farmers crisis issues, the story of students, their ordeals are left unnoticed, ignored and unattended by our mainstream media and political community. Nobody introspects on why these children choose to take their own lives. Why is the youth compelled to commit suicide? What are the factors responsible, these things are never taken on a priority basis until and unless there is a Dalit, minority, Hindu-Muslim or any TRP stricken angle to it? The issue of a student is left to rot in oblivion.

Were they not able to handle the pressure of failure, or could they not have lived up to their expectations?
From the time a student chose to give the exam to his/her battle till the results come out to not getting what they expected of their own efforts and perseverance, the journey is difficult. Many of us face anxiety and some, unfortunately, can’t take failures, the recent death of a young girl who chooses to commit suicide was in a legal battle over the newly devised NEET exams, which has a sole motto of ONE NATION ONE EXAM. Indeed the concept of NEET helps, and One Nation One Exam is welcome. But if we go deep into the details, before implying as such we forgot that our prevailing treasure which is our diversity has turned out to become our leading nemesis.

TN government ignored guidelines of Supreme Court. The court had put on hold counseling for admissions for MBBS and BDS seats in Tamil Nadu until 22 August and asked MCI and the state government to find a "balanced" solution to deal with the interests of state board students and those who cleared NEET. They had ample time for the same. But the state authorities did not act on the directions when they should have. As Anitha who secured 1176 out of 1200, lost her life.

A country of 29 states and 7 union territories’, there are 52 educational boards that function and are recognized by the Department of school education & literacy and if each board is examined carefully the board which is most commonly followed throughout India is the Central Board Of Secondary Education along with the state board which are equally functioning and to mention another board which is called Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education has been conducting exams since decades. When it’s been quoted that we should have one exam for all entrances, why can’t we have one board that can monitor the syllabus and functioning of all private, central govt? and state government schools. Why not have one nation & amp; one syllabus?. Some of the state boards are easier and some are comparatively tougher to crack. In boards like Bihar Board, to get even 60-70 percent marks can get you into the list of toppers. It is high time that we rethink our policies and not compromise with the lives of the students.
One Nation One Exam cannot be complete without One Nation One Syllabus.

The problem with our Nation is when we lose a Rohith Vemulla, we don’t address the issue of student suicide instead we make it a Dalit suicide. And hence we also lose an Anitha. When 3 students kill themselves in SVNIT in the later year, we don’t address the issue, as they do not belong to a particular sect or community. We need to address the issues of student suicides in the country as it should be addressed. And one such step would be to move towards ONE NATION ONE SYLLABUS.

NEET is not the culprit. A separate stature to Tamil Nadu cannot be granted as it will be an injustice to other students of different states, held by the judgment of Supreme court bench led by current CJI Dipak Mishra, "You can't compromise on intellect. Our motto has to be whatever we say or do, students who have labored hard and appeared in NEET, should not suffer."


I appeal to the student fraternity, to demand for the ONE NATION ONE SYLLABUS. I appeal to the Central government to take cognizance of the issue instead of passing the buck to the Supreme Court. I appeal to State government to work towards ONE NATION ONE SYLLABUS instead of indulging in the blame game. I appeal to opposition to raise the real issue, instead of scoring political brownie points and later forgetting about it.


Don't make another Rohith Vemulla out of another Anitha. She was a bright child who chose to fight her way and in a way, even the Apex Court disappointed her. Please address the issue as it should be addressed. The politics should be ignored. And the voice of students all over India should resonate for

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

If we can have ONE NATION ONE TAX, UNIFORM CIVIL CODE in future, ONE NATION ONE EXAM like JEE and NEET, then why can’t we have ONE NATION ONE SYLLABUS?

Please support the initiative of Factuals for the same and sign the petition and support our hashtag #ONENATIONONESYLLABUS by tweeting it.

We Demand ONENATIONONESYLLABUS for both medical and engineering streams

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