Justice for our mother Thokchom Rekha Devi who was brutally killed on May 29th 2019

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The Honorable Prime Minister

Republic of India, New Delhi

Petition: Ban mob-justice and find Thokchom Rekha’s real killer

Mr. Prime Minister,

You tower before me as the figure to save the helpless in a part of your country where life is difficult when mob justice rules over the true legal system. Manipur is known for mob culture and my mother was brutally murdered here on May 29, 2019 inside her own house in the shadow of mob culture.

My mother, Rekha Devi was a completely docile and harmless person who fell a victim to the most sinister and cruel plan of some people in her neighborhood who became the sworn enemies of my father who defeated them in a protracted land dispute case. They plotted a complete destruction of my father’s family and his career in a single strike – killing his wife and framing him as the killer.

The plotters were successful both in murdering my harmless mother and putting my 68-year-old father in jail through their well-orchestrated action plan and exploiting the mob culture to influence the procedures of the law enforcement and legal machineries. Being a large group bound by their common cause of the land dispute with my father, these people even muster political influence to dictate legal procedures related to this murder case.

My father and mother had been married for four decades and they had a loving relationship throughout their married life. We the three siblings grew up in a completely peaceful family and we never learned to cope with the completely illegal and rowdy prowess of the mob culture so popular in Manipur and now directly affecting our lives.

Now, my aged father with serious diabetes has lost his beloved wife, his job and status as an illustrious judge of the State Consumer Redressal forum, his cherished home and a large amount of money stolen by the killer(s) and, he is languishing in jail for bail that has been continuously objected by the locals under the popular mob culture.

We feel that my mother’s killer is roaming freely in the street, my innocent father is deprived of bail, the police investigation has never gone into other possible leads to catch the real killer – all because of the influence of mob culture that over rules the true legal system in the state.

Therefore, Mr. Prime Minister, this petition is from a helpless daughter of a destroyed family to draw your attention for a timely intervention to cause a speedy investigation of the murder of Rekha Devi by banning the influence of the illegal mob culture. The so-called Joint Action Committee (JAC) has no authority to dictate law enforcement procedures.

Your intervention will free thousands of helpless people like me in Manipur from the clutches of Joint Action Committee that springs up every time an incident occurs in the state.

Relief requested:

1. Ban Joint Action Committee and stop it to interfere with the Rekha murder investigation
2. Grant bail to my innocent father, Naorem Dijamani Singh
3. Speed up investigation into all possible leads by handing over to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)


Sarita Naorem