Dear PM, Bring Digitized Performance Evaluation System for Politicians & Public servants

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All these years we have seen how government officers, ministries, and all the administrative peers are working and in private sector just how do they work. From CEO to sweeper in the company perform his duty without fail. The reason behind this is very simple, there is a system, which monitors and regulates their performance. If we see in private sector employment all employee’s performance has been monitored closely, their evaluation has been done to decide upon further enhancement in their salary, position, and job continuity has been decided. This is followed for every working citizen except one community in this country. We all know which that luckiest community is. Their performance has been never evaluated systematically. Because it is considered to be highly complicated and involves lot many immeasurable variables until now.  We all know that, any kind of performance reviewing system, ultimately humans are going to be involve while making the decision on somebodies performance. Then it strongly demands evaluator’s integrity, impartiality, non-partisanship etc. 

Leaving aside all the factors, with the boon of digital revolution, will it be possible to bring new India to our children. Let us focus what will makes it possible!!  We know it is cumbersome and complex to bring such a big systemic reform and cannot be detailed easily here.However, somewhere we need to start. I believe this would greatly reduce enormous corruption, delaying or denying services to the citizen. Digitized systems brings paradigm shift in their approach towards giving services to the public.

For Public facing bureaucrats: We have 700 million phone users out of which 300-million smartphone users in India. This is more than sufficient to bring evaluation system for bureaucrats to the peon level in public service offices. Each citizen with phone would become feedback source for his or any other public work has been done in his surrounding areas. The simple sms based and links would auto throws out the feedback sms or web links to the surrounding people for particular work, gets feedback in the form of rating.  

For Non-public facing bureaucrats:  Combination of their own performance and evaluation rating received for their subordinates. There should be proper classification of the bureaucracy as per the level and separate forms should be devised for each category for each projects they are handling with their quality and timing, 360-degree appraisal and behavioral observation scale received from public would be converted into digital tokens. These digital tokens are analyzed using data analytics and Deep learning technologies would bring out the holistic rating for each bureaucrat. 

All these digital evaluation systems (servers and modification access levels) should be maintained by centralized system, which is having end-to-end encryption and limited access levels. 

This makes possible only through strong advanced technologies, which are readily available. Now India owns it GPS technology, using combination or integration of existing various governance sites, strong internet based tools will be used by the public which are connected with cloud computing, GPS technologies will fetch a strong data pool which can be easily analyzed using big data analytics to give the actual performance of each government employee, hierarchical wise ascending upto each ministries and ministers. Only thing is we need to have clearly structure the accountability and the timelines to consider it as an accomplishment or not. which need to be made quantifiable factors. There are many things needed to be detailed but not discussed here.
E-governance in India has adopted lot many advanced technologies, which are made all public service, related task made lot easier. Currently if we see the only thing left without performance evaluation for this particular community where it is much needed. However, their performance affects major portion of the people lives, thus this is more important than any other kind of governance reforms.  
we know we are living in an era of super tools which revolutionized our way of living, I bet it won't stop here if we concentrate on making good things out of the most strong digital tools will make it happen, just we need to combine it in a structured way. 

I have written many times to the people who are capable of doing this for our country. Fellow citizens we know its huge task but definitely this would be revolutionary, it would change the face of India, if we start at least now, during our children adulthood time, I bet, it would change the whole India. Let us not ignore now, at-least let us start now by requesting our PM start working this direction. Let us bestow new India to our children.