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Chairman CBSE: Restore CBSE CCE and Home based exam for stress free progressive education

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The Chairman,


New Delhi

Sub: Restore CBSE’s Progressive Curriculum

Dear sir,

Greetings from Goa CBSE Sahodaya !

In view of the national mood set by our Prime Minister and the NPE document which states that assessment methods are important as they improve learning, we appeal to you to relook into the introduction of changes in the class 10 board exam for 2017 - 2018 as we know that you are very much interested in making CBSE a progressive board. Our Prime Minister has also addressed the nation recently on exam stress for students, appealing to all stakeholders to play their part.

The Schools in Goa, look up to CBSE as a Board which encourages creative thinking and action through its assessment models. Goa State Board follow the CBSE’s CCE model. Many schools which were with ICSE got affiliated to CBSE after introduction of CCE as it was student friendly and progressive and also in line with the international model.

Our Board is a student friendly board which emphasises that assessment of student learning is a continuous process and cannot be done in one single day. Students are assessed through a series of activities which encourages creative thinking and helps in holistic learning. First time in an Indian School Board the concept of student activity Portfolio was introduced. PSA and OTBA were also an example of progressive evaluation.
The method of assessment introduced through CCE using Formative & Summative Assessments were also focussed on being CWSN friendly, keeping in mind inclusive education. Removing this approach would create a lot of stress on the CWSN students and would not give them an opportunity to shine through their God given individual talent.
Data proves that more students have answered class X exams since CCE and home based exam was introduces as it is created a stress free environment in schools.
An environment which removes fear encourages honesty and responsibility helping our nation to build a good value system and hence the CCE model is a value based progressive model
CCE has brought about the fact that Learning by doing is the only and interesting method which helps children to learn and the more we work towards improving the quality of the methodologies the better it will be for the future of our children and for our world.

The evidence of assessment collected by CBSE over the years will reflect the quality of the work of our students and teachers. CBSE should be credited for bringing about the change and it is commendable that many children have exceedingly done well under the CCE model
Central Board of Secondary Education had become the first Board in the country to introduce the concept of aptitude assessment for class X students in 2011. Five SGAI editions have been completed till now. It is aimed at empowering an adolescent with “self-knowledge” in terms of the aptitude in combination with interest and personality. This was very helpful indicator/facilitator for students with preparing their careers, through selecting the academic stream most appropriate for them. CCE along with SGAI enabled students to identify their potentials. SGAI is reliable source in making academic choices. In fact, large a number of schools had approached CBSE to make SGAI compulsory.
Student Portfolios brought in a huge change in the outlook towards understanding student learning transactions. Teachers indulged in bringing to life our custom of Guru - Shishya model which focussed on all round personality development of the learner. Attributes like self restraint, self confidence, self respect with discrimination and judgement are the benefits of the present CCE model which does replicate our old custom Guru - Shishya model
The results of class 12 after introducing CCE has been phenomenal, the understanding and creativity quotient without doubt has improved. Moreover learning has become enjoyable and students love attending school.
As representatives from the Goa Sahodaya chapter we implore that CBSE reconsider the class 10 assessment model introduced for 2017-2018 as it will certainly lead to schools replicating the pattern to lower classes, thus defeating the very purpose, motto and vision of our Indian education policy as well as the CBSE
It is also not fair for this batch of class X 2017-2018 who have not been equipped to change their entire study pattern or studying capacity within a month.
The fact that students were being assessed regularly on academics and life skills helped them to remain focussed on a daily basis. The single exam at the end of the year will not be helpful at all in both spheres.
If we do not restore this system we will go back in time, the CCE pattern and home board option removes the fear of examination and sets the mood for learning. This is very progressive and is needed by India to fulfill our Vision of a developed Nation by creating more thinkers and entrepreneurs.

In view of the above mentioned points, we reiterate that CBSE should strive towards the transfer of benefits of the CCE model to students and not look backwards. Our suggestion is that Schools should be given the autonomy to decide on the assessment model along with the PTA and choose between the new proposed pattern or continue with CCE home based exam pattern.

We trust, that under your leadership CBSE will move forward in a positive direction and work towards changing the mindset of the masses in favour of a constructive and productive pedagogy.

Thank you,

with warm regards,

President,CBSE Sahodaya,


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