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Started by Suresh Babu

Dear PM 

Greetings to you. Hope doing well 

Dear PM, Modiji

Greetings to you. Hope doing well 
I am Suresh from Aluva in Kerala.

Let me request you to kindly intervene in Mullaperiyar Dam matter and find a suitable solution to save the lives of Keralites. Now TN is behaving like an enemy nation to India. TN is so selfish, all the time ,in all regime. Its not good to have such a one sided decision by TN against KERALA. Though Kerala is ruled by leftist , many other people are here, BJP, Congress, etc.  So, dont see this as a poiltical fight and win. Its fight for ordinary people life.

Last few days, TN was playing with Mullaperiyar.
opened shutters during night without any info and precaution.
Its not good for an Indian State to another State.
Either decommission this Dam or allow to build new one.
Better avoid it and no new dam in environmentally weaker zone.

Your personal and ministerial interest is requested in Mullaperiyar Dam issue for a solution forever. 

Thank you and have a good health and long life to serve the Nation

42 have signed. Let’s get to 50!