Implementation of Indian Medical Services

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Respected sir 

Kindly implement "Indian Medical Services" to improve healthcare in India and for better infrastructure for the people of India.

It's a need of hour! Someone have to start now to avoid chaos in such kind of pandemic in future. We have been doing far better  than developed countries with our healthcare infrastructure but still not sufficient resources with us.

Consider our demand and implement "Indian Medical Services" at par with services (IAS and IPS)

What is IMS Cadre

The Proposal put forward is to create a common All India Medical Service Cadre similar to that  to that as IAS and IPS, to administer all medical personnel working in the government setup across the country. Currently, at the policy making level, bureaucrats handle the administrative issues of highly technical branch of health. 
At various facility levels , clinicians are given the additional task of facility management.The  creation of separate cadre of Indian Medical Services will lead to better administration of healthcare services. Doctors have pointed out that currently there is a technical gap between planning, execution and followup of specialized services and general services in the government. For instance, an IAS may be a good administrator but may not understand the intricacies of the healthcare sector. Similarly, a doctor may be excellent in his clinical practice, but not be as good as an administrator. IMS will create a special breed of administrators that specialize in healthcare, leading to better management and innovation.

Thanking you!

Indian medical fraternity