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EQUAL MSP FOR ALL - A bullet doesn't ask your MSP before hitting you.

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Honourable Veterans,

Equal MSP, a vexatious and unclinched issue is the main demand of us Jawans now. It has been circulating in social media for a long time. Am sure if this issue is taken to Honourable Court we shall certainly get justice. I do not understand why politicians , actors and others enjoy at the cost of our soldiers,raised hue and cry about the disparity but fell to deaf ears. It is as good as blowing a conch to wake a deaf person. There is no one to listen to us and act on MSP which is a genuine demand of us. If statistics are taken , mostly the martyred are Jawans. They are the pillars of a structure and on them the responsibility safe guarding the nation lies. They are ignored and left to their fate. No one else had sacrificed like them. Why this step motherly attitude to Jawans by one of the best governments elected by people . We are not against officers getting more MSP. We want that to be equalised.


If government of India ask opinion of the people whether equal MSP is justified, we are sure to win. Can the Netas at least in parliament discuss this issue. All Babus and some netas are the hindrance. I do not know whether this message reaches to our beloved PM, the real hero who made OROP possible. He spends his Diwali with our soldiers. Before this Diwali, am sure he is going to implement.

Sir are you listening ?
Request all representatives and leaders of all associations to come forward and lay your hand for the Noble Cause along with Veteran Bidyadhar Nayak (contact no.9658859424) who has been fighting for long.

NOTE:- There is already a huge difference in the Pay and perks between officers and Soldiers but at least at one place every one who is rendering combat military service is a MILITARY MAN and eligible for the MSP and Military service can not be rendered as Partial ie Quarter,Half and Full .

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