Make Spreading of Fake News by Journalists a Criminal Offence

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Dear Friends 

Media is regarded as the Fourth Pillar of Democracy across the world, In India too Media is by far the Most Powerful Organ with absolute power. Yesterday on 23rd May 2018 we all were shocked to read that Major Letul Gogoi of Indian Army was caught in a Hotel Room with a teenage girl in a compromising position. The news spread like a fire in a jungle and all the A List Lutyens Journalists with the likes of Sagarika Ghosh, Saikat Datta, Harinder Baweja , Barkha Dutt, Rifat Jawed etc. took out their guns on Major Gogoi. Moreover it was a Golden Opportunity for the Anti National Tukde Tukde Gang Led By Shehla Rashid, Kavita Krishnan etc. to spread their venom against a National Soldier.

The entire news circulated was found to be totally Fake.

Who Is Major Letul Gogoi?

Major Gogoi shot into National Limelight when he tied a stone pelter in Kashmir to his Jeep as a Human Shield in order to save his men from crowd of more than 1000 stone pelters. What he did was only to his men. And at that time also these same A list Lutyens Journalists opened a venomous propaganda  against a soldier doing national duty. All efforts of these journalists were shattered when our nationalist govt. supported Major Gogoi.

The venomous propaganda by these journalists was defeated and they were looking for such an opportunity where they could take a revenge From Major Gogoi who did not Bow down to these Self Guided Journalists.


It has become a Standard Modus Oprendi of the Journalists nowadays to Circulate News which would have Far Reaching Consequences without any verification. There has been various instances in the Past also where Highly Acclaimed Journalists have been found circulating fake news for personal agendas.Media is regarded as the Fourth Pillar of Democracy worldwide, but unfortunately in India, The so called Fourth Pillar of Democracy is totally Without Any Accountability and continues to run its illegal actions and propaganda's under the garb of Freedom of Expression Guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution of India

Spreading of Fake News by acclaimed journalists has now become a serious problem in recent past and it is high time that The Fourth Pillar of Democracy be made Accountable for its Actions. it is therefore need of the hour that Indian Media be made Accountable through strict law because Fear of Law is a very potent weapon if used wisely.

Remember Today it is Major Gogoi, Tomorrow It would be any of you.

Therefore I request the Our Nationalist Government led by our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji to :

1. Pass an urgent Criminal Amendment Ordinance/ Bill to bring provisions in Indian Penal Code and The Criminal Procedure Code to Criminalize Spreading of Fake News.

2. Make Spreading of False News by Journalists a Non- Bailable and Non - Compoundable Offence Triable By Magistrate with Minimum Punishment of Imprisonment of 3 Years and Maximum up to 7 years under the Indian Penal Code.

The above sought amendment in the criminal laws is the dire need of the hour in order make Indian Media Accountable because Fear of Law is a very potent weapon if used wisely.