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Make India Zero Tolerant to Rape Crimes

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We have failed. We have failed as a collective, as a nation and as a society.

We have failed to put an effective stop to sexual violence. We have failed to recognize this rampaging epidemic with the strictness it warrants. We have failed to acknowledge the shortcomings that leads to gender inequality in our practices, many times ignoring them in our households and day to day lives. We silently and foolishly contrive in creating a backward and brutal mindset in the minds of men and in some cases women as well. We have failed to self-introspect on why sexual violence and in particular sexual violence against women, is such a common piece of news in our country.

We have failed to understand the mindset and the environment that creates individuals who become impulse governed monsters. We have failed to study the issue and address the root cause. We have failed to implement strategies to ensure safety for the citizens – women, children and men who are affected by such dastardly acts. We have failed to send a strong message to the criminals and perpetrators stating that India takes sexual violence seriously and that justice will be swift and will always be served no matter who the accused is. We have failed to understand the importance of gender awareness, education and equality in today’s context.

Unless we start accepting the social evils that plague us, it is only a matter of time before we become victims to it as well. We need to rebel against these atrocities with non-violence. We need to change our thought process and challenge our thinking and way of life. It is in our hands to stop these atrocities.

All the campaigns and funding for Save The Girl Child, educate a girl or any other women empowerment schemes seem pointless when girls and women across the country are at the risk of being molested, raped and murdered.

Help me reach this petition to the Prime Minister.

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