Make India Safe for Women

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The problem of women's safety in our country is very real. The problem of physical and mental harassment of women in public and work places, outraging the modesty of women, gang-rape, rape and molestation of young girls and even rape of babies is increasing in frequency.   These incidents were earlier only happening in certain lawless pockets in the country but this has now spread to all parts of the country. 

Such incidents are not only disheartening and tragic for the victims and their families but also shames us internationally as we have so far not been able to contain this violence against half the population.  India being a country where woman is revered as 'Devi' cannot continue with these state of affairs.  Unless strict action is taken and is seen to be taken the situation may get further out of hand.

I propose the following changes to effectively and quickly deal with the problem. 

1) Ban easy access to Porn  :  Since the advent of smart phones and wi-fi young boys have easy access to pornographic material on the internet on their mobile phones.  Porn is the root cause of rape crimes by teen-aged boys.  Porn is like a disease that is destroying the young minds of our country. As smart phones, internet access and wi-fi are required for progress the only way to stop the spread of this disease is to ban porn.  This can be easily done by the Govt. by blocking porn sites and access should be restricted through registration with Aadhar card etc.  Further through use of technology devices used for viewing porn can be tracked and matched to the registered users. Unregistered devices should be flagged and notified to the nearest police station. This will discourage the viewing of porn by young persons. 

2) Re-inculcate good values in boys. The immediate need is to indocrinate good values in boys through schools and NGOs and through institutions imparting religious teachings. Boys should be clearly told to respect girls and not to harass them.  The implementation should be taken down to community level where bad behaviour like passing lewd comments etc is immediately censored and the perpetrator is scolded in public.  Communities should come together to agree on punishments to be given to those boys and men who continue to harass women in public places.

3) Strict, immediate and public punishment for men who outrage modesty of women.  In India we need to evolve with the changing times.  Crimes like molestation of women never get carried to the end until justice is delivered to the victim due to police apathy, lethargic functioning of courts and social pressures on the victim. Victims usually do not even lodge police complaints for fear of damage to their reputation or fear of the assailant/perpetrator.  Punishment should be commensurate with the crime and there should be no delay in justice to the victim. Therefore, I propose judicial caning for such crimes within 2 weeks of the offence and to be conducted in public.  Judicial caning is to be done in a similar manner to that carried on in Singapore as punishment for certain crimes in that country.   After the punishment is implemented the culprit shall be sent to a correction home to be provided with counselling, psychological evaluation and treatment. 

4) Death penalty for all rapists in case of gang rape regardless of age of either the perpetrator or the victim.  The Govt has passed the law for death penalty to the rapist of a child of under 12 years of age. However if the child is 13 years the violence and trauma is not diminished but the perpetrator may walk free after few years of jail.  Even a woman of much older age would be severely traumatised in a gang rape.  Gang rape should be declared un-natural and should immediately result in death penalty for all the perpetrators regardless of age. 

5) The law should treat a person as an adult for an adult crime. A minor cannot be allowed to escape punishment by virtue of being a juvenile.  The fast track case of Nirbhaya has languished in the system for so many years and we are yet to see a single person hang for this most terrible crime.  And the person who was minor only in age had a major role to play in the rape and killing of Nirbhaya but has walked free due to the lacunae in the law.  Reducing the age to 16 years has not helped. There are still younger people committing this heinous crime of rape. The accused shall be judged for the crime not his age. This change in the law is both urgent and important. 

6) All convicted rapists should compulsorily be castrated physically. Presently there is no castration. Those who suggest castration only speak of chemical castration that requires repeated injections which are both expensive and can possibly be avoided by the convict. It does not have the finality of a physical castration. This change in law is to be implemented immediately to ensure that a rapist never rapes again.  This punishment will be in addition to the death penalty in case of rape of minor or gang-rape or incarceration as determined by the Courts. 

7) The family of the rapist/molester/abuser shall pay for the reparations awarded to the victims. This should be enforced by the Court. This will help bring more familial pressure on those who possibly may commit such crimes and the crime may possibly be avoided. 

8) A National Register of Child Molesters shall be maintained as is done in some other countries. Police clearance of the same to be obtained before  being employed in schools, playgrounds, hospitals, residential societies and any other place where the children may come in contact with such a criminal.

9) By-standers who do not help victims should also be booked for abetting the crime. It is the civic duty of every citizen to ensure the law is followed. If any woman, girl or child is in danger of physical assault, being harassed mentally or abused and the by-stander does nothing they should be punished. If however the by-stander calls the police or protects the victim they should be appreciated by the community.  This will help bring a social change so victims are helped by on-lookers.

10) Police who do not register Zero FIR but send the victim away citing zonal issues should be suspended.