Make India chose their side for World War 3 !

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As you all are aware that the roster for World War 3 is almost out ( Check out the roster here ) and surprisingly India hasn't made it yet to any group.

Time is running out and we haven't chosen sides yet. We haven't made it to the Fifa World Cup 2018 anyway. This highly disappoints us as countrymen and we demand the Prime Minister to choose a side. 

Currently it is pretty one sided in the favour of the Europeans and the Americans. We don't want it to be a nadir, boring war. Let's make it exciting. Let's take a risk and support Russia, China and Syria to balance it out. We don't want to miss out on the war memes and miss the opportunity of featuring in it. Life is boring and we millennials are suicidal anyway. 

Let's make a change and support some cucks in the war to be immortalised in the history as the biggest meme template of all time.