Make 27th December Children Day

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14th Nov is celebrated as Children day. In fact, Children Day should be celebrated on Dec. 27. This was the day when two young sons of Guru Gobind Singh were martyred. They were walled alive in Sirhind in Punjab by the M Mughal rulers. 

Steadfast in their nationalistic faith, they did not cave in- neither the offer of royalty nor wealth tempt them- nor were they terrified by the specter of horrible death. Alone in the fiercely cold world, surrounded by hostile wolfish enemies, their grandmother waiting for them- these two brothers not even ten years of age showed exemplary courage, bravery and commitment to the faith. 

They are a symbol of uncorrupted childhood bravely facing brutal, bloodthirsty religious fanatics unawed. And they welcomed the horrible death with a smile.

Such bravery is a role model for children and their sacrifice needs to be recognized. They need to be honored and let the Children Day be dedicated to their memory. Their example shall be a source of encouragement to the children of all eras. 

This act shall not only honor them but also indicate the gratitude of the nation.