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Our urge for redressal the following points:

1. Implementation of PPR and latest prescription format. Fixation of minimum consultation fees for Pharmacists.

2. UPSC/APSC paper for B Pharm/ M Pharm scholars & B. Pharm practice regulations for existing diploma holders.          

3. Drug License must be issued to Regd Pharmacist only. Eradication of all kinds of illicit trading of Drugs and Surgicals.

4. Post academic practical training to all degree, diploma holders. It must be for one year in stead of 3 month.

5. Regularisation of service of all Pharmacists working under NHM.

6.Fixation of minimum wage of Pharmacists working in Pvt Sector, TE hospitals and under PPP.

7. Odd hours pharmacy practice to desiring State/Central Govt Pharmacists as per recommendation of 7th Assam State Pay Commission report or grant NPA as like as Doctors in Central Govt.

8. Pre Registration screening test to be conducted as like as Bar Council of India. Elimination of existing fake Pharmacists from the register of Pharmacy Council.

9. No single admission into D Pharm wef the year 2020. All diploma institutions must be converted to Degree colleges. And minimum regd qualification for Pharmacists in India should be B Pharma wef 2025.

10. Separate Ministry of Pharmacy, Directorate of Pharmacy and implementation of Assam Medical Service Corporation Model at immediate to fill up all vacancies and long gape of cadre formation in govt sector