*STOP RAPE * Prime Minister Of India: Lets Start Death Penalty . #JusticeForEveryone

*STOP RAPE * Prime Minister Of India: Lets Start Death Penalty . #JusticeForEveryone

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Youth Against Rape started this petition to Prime Minister of India and

As per the Global Peace Index Report 2017, India ranks at 4th position in the list of unsafe countries for women in the world.

Often this statement is misunderstood as India being the 4th unsafe country for all women residing here, which is far from true. The report is only for women travellers.
We want you to know the real and accurate facts.

Taking the report of Nation Master into account, India is at 94th position in the number of rape cases registered.

But, the 94th position is also not what we all want. We want to eradicate this word from our country.

We are a part of community called Youth Against Rape.

Where we are fighting for those people who are scared to raise there voice against rape, molestation and acid attack. We have prepared a data which projects that many cases are still not being reported and most of the cases are genuine but the victims and witnesses are being threatened or attacked at different occasions. To take a step forward we need to change the mentality of the society and amend few laws against rape, molestation and acid attack criminals and the victims who have faced it.


We are students, mothers, brothers, sisters and father's and we want to change the future of India. To make India the safest country in future we need to educate the future generations to be bold and to report any incident they see around them without any fear. 

Walking on streets would become safer in time. 

Although we organize seminars with school in every state we still get cases, where people say it the fault of the victim, we fail to understand this blame game.

:- Why can't we change the way we think? 

Let the girls wear what they want to?

Why can't teacher teach necessary etiquettes to children in school like other subjects?

Humanity can't be taught but laws can be amended.

We, at youth against rape have the following demands and aspirations for the betterment of Indian society as a whole:-

1. Execution Of Death Penalty

We want implementation of death penalty for Rapist, those who have been sentenced after being proved guity. This measure is important to instil fear among people and to show them that their actions have equal consequences.

Few List With Name,Time, Current Status

a)Dilip Bankar,13 year, in Sc (b) jitender Bagwan , Divender Dhurndhure , Babu Ketan - 6 Years, in Sc (c) Firoj Saha- 5 years, in Sc .. Total 2058+ Death Penalty are Pending . We want the law to start implementation from these cases.

2. Punishment For Females Filing fake Cases against men 

We also want minimum 14 years of imprisonment for females who file fake cases against men to exploit them.

The responsibility of ensuring a respectable society is from both genders and no human has the right to destroy another human being's life. Both genders should be equally accountable for their wrong doings.

3. Start Sex Education By Expert's 

We want compulsory sex education by experts in all schools. Although many acts have been passed by

various boards, but due to the failed implementation children continue to be unaware of what they are doing. The increasing cases of juveniles raping are a proof that the education system is going wrong somewhere. We want to sensitize children from the beginning and make them realize their moral responsibility towards society.

4. Forensic Labs 

We want proper forensic labs in every city with trained and expert doctors for treating the victims. Many cases of tampering of medical reports are common. In the eyes of Justice department, this is the most important evidence, hence should be handled by trained people who understand the importance of this confidential issue and ask themselves if they are doing the right thing. We easily find difference between sex and rape .

5. Shift Case's On Fast Track Court For All Rape Victims

- On 12 July Finance minister approved budget of 700 Crore Fund Through Nirbhaya Fund For 1023 Fast Track Court. We want the hearings of all the cases of rape to be in the fast track courts and the verdicts to be announced within 1 month.

6. Victim & Witness Protection program

We also want government to pass rules to provide witness protection program to every witness and victim who are involved in the case as there is danger to their life till justice is served, government should take the responsibility of transfer of victim , if needed after investigation for their safety.

7. President mercy rule on Rape Case's

We want Indian government to re think about president mercy rule for rapist . A rapist never shows mercy to the rape victim and her family. So why should the system show mercy to him?

8. Permission To Ngo's and Trusts to do Awareness Programs in institutions

 As Mostly schools reject the proposal for awareness programs after listening to the word rape , sex etc. These are some taboo words that we often hear. We want an official notice from education ministry  to make sex education a mandatory subject in every school and college.

We have analyised that Mentality Is Not The Reason Behind Rape but it is a major part of this issue.

- We Are Working on Each Factor, Rape Cases are increasing rapidly and mostly within normal family. 

Case 1:

The recent rape and murder of an nine month old girl in Warangal (Telangana) . Just think about it and create an image in your mind why this happened? What was the fault of the victim? She was Just 9 months old !!!

Case 2:

The family of another rape victim was murdered  by the MLA before the police took any action. The people are angry now but also in despair. So much has happened till now and no doubt our government is taking good steps but a strict action not taken till now . What are we all waiting for? Do the all People's wants to see India's name on 1st number in the unsafe nation list? 

First, the Criminal’s rapes the victim and then the system repeatedly rapes the Survivors.

Now cases of suicide by Men’s are increasing Day by Day. A lie from girls destroy men’s life and his entire family suffers the consequences. 

Why can’t the law open the blinded eyes and see the hidden truth?

Now we can't ignore these issues any more 

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Youth Against Rape 

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