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                      ACT NOW FOR TYPE 1 DIABETES RIGHTS

Healthy and empowered children are future of our country. Nothing can be more unfortunate and shameful if we let future of our country be affected by issues like type 1 diabetes because of resource scarcity. If not managed properly, Type 1 diabetes is a deterrent which seriously compromises growth and confidence of our kids.

Can’t we at least support their struggle to survive???
What we need is just a pledge to act and take initiatives!!!

1.28 Lakh (IDF, 2017) is an underestimated number of type -1 diabetes patients in our country- India and even if a single person is deprived of or dies due to the inaccessibility and unaffordability of INSULIN, it’s a shame!

Diabetes fighters, a group of health activists are fighting for this issue and raising a flag for ease in accessibility and affordability of Insulin and better quality of life. For this reason, we are signing a petition addressing PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA and Health Functionaries to provide free access to all kinds of Insulin as prescribed by the doctor and diabetes-test-kits for people suffering from Type 1 diabetes. We want to discuss the gaps with the policy makers and find a concrete action on it.

Help these children with type 1 diabetes live a life that is free of struggles, stress and stigmas by signing this petition. NOW!


When you are born, you’ve the right to live and live it healthy!! Unfortunately for some people, life is not easy as they suffer from lifelong medical conditions which sometimes they are born with. People suffering from Type 1 diabetes are amongst them. Sadly, when most of the children are enjoying their childhood, children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes are concerned about their “struggle for life” which is coupled by the high price of INSULIN (lifesaving drug) and compromised standard of medical care.  

What happens in Type 1 diabetes?
In type 1 diabetes, the patient’s body does not produce insulin on its own and the patient needs multiple doses of insulin injections a day to control their blood sugar levels. Lack of insulin will land the patient into acute complications that may progress to coma and even death. This means that the patient cannot survive without “insulin” even for a single day.

Further, the patient needs to check blood sugar levels several times a day to decide on insulin dosing and meal planning.
While monitoring blood sugar levels, dosing insulin, planning the meals, and taking care of the physical needs are very crucial for a patient with type 1 diabetes, financial and social pressures on the patients and their caregivers are extreme and emotionally draining that highly impacts mental health.

Diabetes Care is highly expensive and that is UNETHICAL and Unacceptable.

According to a study(1) conducted in Delhi in 2016, availability of Insulin was far lower than the World Health Organisation’s availability target of 80 percent (target 9, Global NCD targets). The latest study(2) (2019) conducted in Bengaluru suggests that an unskilled worker would have to pay 1.4 to 9.3 days’ wages for a month’s supply, depending on the insulin type and health sector. People with type 1 diabetes are rationing their insulin. There is no health insurance that covers the diabetes treatment and management cost ultimately leading to out-of-pocket expenditure.

What does our petition addresses?                                                                        We (Diabetes Fighters Trust, Uttar Pradesh; Udaan - Friends for children with Diabetes, Aurangabad, Maharashtra; Yog Dhyan Foundation, Delhi; Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Mumbai, Maharashtra; Diabetes India Youth in Action, Delhi; Saksham, Gurugram, Haryana; The Diabesties Foundation, Gujarat; EcDeesha Foundation, Gujarat; and Diabetes Awareness and You, West Bengal) are asking our State and Central Governments to provide:
1.     Free access to all kinds of insulin as prescribed by the doctor to children and adolescents (from the underprivileged and middle-class population) under the age of 20 years and
2.     Free access to diabetes-test-kits (including glucometer strips, lancets, syringes, sensors for blood glucose monitoring and other necessary supplies) to children and adolescents (from the underprivileged and middle-class population) under the age of 20 years.
Your support is our strength. SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

Let this phase of any child or adolescent be free of 3S i.e. Sufferings, Stress, and Stigmas.
We request you to sign this petition and help us start a health revolution. Your one signature holds the power to change a child’s life forever.
1.     Sharma A, Kaplan WA. Challenges constraining access to insulin in the private-sector market of Delhi, India. BMJ global health. 2016 Oct 1;1(3):e000112.
2.     Satheesh G, Unnikrishnan MK, Sharma A. Challenges constraining availability and affordability of insulin in Bengaluru region (Karnataka, India): evidence from a mixed-methods study. Journal of pharmaceutical policy and practice. 2019 Dec 1;12(1):31.