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 Children are the future of a nation, only when they are educated. Teachers have the most prominent role in the nation-building process, and to serve this utmost responsibility they must receive appropriate admiration in return.

Indian constitution under Article 21A states free education but the condition of govt. schools are abysmal and the majority of people are forced to send their children to private schools which are running solely for the purpose of making a profit without realizing any social responsibility. These business houses have invented various means to generate profit. Firstly, there is no fixed minimum pay structure for the Staff, therefore they engage under qualified and incompetent staff/teachers so that they can be underpaid.

Though the govt. schools have better-qualified teachers but the miserable infrastructure and failed govt. policies have established a laid-back attitude among them. Hence the distrust is at its peak among the parents for govt. schools. This has helped the private schools to corner out the govt. schools and establish their monopoly in the business. Many private schools have started resorting to illegal and immoral practices which directly impact the middle-class families. Such as -

1. Unreasonably high fee structure.

2. The unnecessary sky-rocketing admission fee which is collected every year. It consists of many pointless charges like Maintenance charges, transport fund, Achievers award fund, Magazine fund, Sports fund, Library fund, Staff welfare fund and many more. These charges are not only high but are added to admission fee of even the Nursery class students. Do nursery class students really need a library? I doubt.

3. The teachers are underpaid. There are allegations that their actual salaries are lesser than what is shown on the papers. For that purpose, the amount is credited to their accounts, and teachers are forced to refund a major part of it back to the school.

4. Different kinds of dresses on different days and festivals. This put an additional burden on parents belonging to the middle class.

5. The dresses, stationary and other relevant things are to be bought from the school itself or in some cases from a particular shop as directed by the school. The prices of all these products are comparatively high from the market.

6. Every year, books are changed forcing students to buy new books from the schools. In some schools, it is not allowed to reuse the books of their seniors. These schools, on one hand, teach that “Don’t waste paper”, and then they themselves throw the books into scrap. There are more than a dozen books for the students of Nursery. We can imagine the extent of greed for profit.

7. Teachers are forced to admit their own children into the same school. In many instances, they opt to leave the school instead of admitting their own children which clarifies the pathetic situation of these schools.

 8. After the completion of school hours, tuitions are provided to the students within the school premises charging an extra fee.


According to the answers given by the Directorate of education in the RTI, all above-mentioned practices are illegal. Hence, we request govt. to frame appropriate rules regarding such issues and act immediately and strongly against those private schools which are indulged in such activities. Also there is need to establish an efficient Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

Along with this, improvements in the infrastructure and the facilities of the government schools are strongly needed, so that monopoly of private schools could find an end. More schools need to be built so that parents could send children to the govt. schools nearby, and shatter the taboo linked to the govt. schools.


"Children are the strength of the nation and the education is meant to enhance their strength."


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