Legislation for making rain water harvesting compulsory for new constructions across India

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Hon'ble Prime Minister Sir,

Please accept our sincere congratulation for your massive mandate and a second term in office. We hope India will be able to change many benchmarks in your leadership.

We thank you for your resolve to change water crisis looming across India. Scarcity of water is the single biggest inhibitor for our growth in coming days and we may be staring at one of the biggest manmade disasters if we fail to act now.

With this petition, we would like to draw your kind attention towards the need for making rain water harvesting a "must" for new houses being built. For older properties, the local bodies can provide discounts on housing tax which will motivate people to become self-sufficient when it comes to water.

A series of tactical and strategic initiatives may be needed. There are some low hanging fruits as well which can be done immediately while we reimagine the crisis at a larger scale.

Our humble request is to consider the following to solve the crisis

·        Engage every component of our society such as NGOs

·        Gather expert opinion

·        Engage education and research institutions for suggestions

·        Pass legislation for making housing societies self-sufficient around water

·        incentivize  people to save water through property tax reliefs for less consumption

·        Drive greater awareness across communities using local government officials responsible.

·        Incentivize Innovation around water management through challenges and competition

Providing Clean Water is one of the six themes of Rotary. Rotary has engaged earlier with governments in successfully eradicating polio. This commitment of clean water has driven our club (Rotary Club of Pune Amanora) to submit this petition and seek your support.