Legalizing active euthanasia for a brain-hijacked student in India

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Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject:- Consideration of euthanasia plea of a brain hijacked student ~ Please be cautious in any hostel especially for Ph.D. students in all institutions

 This is regarding Remote Neural Monitoring based mind control in India. Remote hypnosis cannot be detected by the victim while he/she is under wireless control by foreign operators (neither can it be recollected) and the victim may be used as a tool to conduct drastic damage to the Indian economy. The human who has been targeted by inserting nano-fractal-antennas inside the brain/ears can be used to do any task remotely and his real-time-eyesight and real-time audio signals perceived through the ear are sent wirelessly to operators having access to unique infrastructure.

 I have understood that many such victims identify themselves on the internet as Targeted Individuals who are victims of Gang Stalking and are both male and female victims of various ages, ethnicities, nationalities etc. I personally have faced this as well. Auditory and visual noises sent to the victim can change the person psychologically due to sleep deprivation causing extreme depression and emotional breakdown. Computers being used can translate any of the human senses and transmit them back wirelessly including present thoughts, senses, and memories making the victim see fake visuals or his own memories altered using softwares. This can also be made to cause the vertebral column to arch in erratic angles causing extreme strain to the victim and crippling me for sometime.

 This started with me hearing people talking about my thoughts and making fun of anything being done/thought by the victim (me). The voices are supposedly sent through radio waves, possibly using undetectable RFID nano-chips in the ear/brain. Any human beings' thoughts can be sent wirelessly through electrical signals possibly using some piezo-thermo-electric strands/transducers and fractal-antennas or some device similar to the neural lace presently being promoted by Neuralink. These signals can then be interpreted using computers to predetermine the life of the person as the victim essentially can be controlled wirelessly.

 This technology can make the victim hear extremely faint audio and see visuals that seem accurate but are fake projections to make the victim feel that this is state-sponsored by high-end government officials and thus the victim gets demoralized to even make any kind of formal complaints. Instead, society and inappropriate medical diagnosis might make him unfit for any kind of future job.  There is an utmost requirement to fill in the research gaps and find the technology which can differentiate between real victims of remote brain-body hijacking and patients of mental illness. This can be done through international help & collaboration. The general public needs to be made aware that such crimes are happening regularly but are either not-properly reported since they are wrongly diagnosed almost always; or go unnoticed by the proper authorities due to lack of awareness & the need of keeping this classified. Thus this has become the perfect crime of today's world.

I have the following requests/prayers as a victim of electronic-psychological torture & for the well-being of the upcoming generations.

1. Detecting people involved in this espionage racket is extremely essential by having proper health checkups, radiation checkups, etc. It is necessary to find the technology required to identify people who are using this for nefarious purposes by siphoning information to other nations. This can have internal security repercussions and it is necessary to start dealing with this threatening technology as soon as possible so that untoward incidents may be avoided. In-depth future planning is necessary to counter this type of espionage.

2. People already victims of this have to suffer anytime from such audio-visual attacks and it hurts their conscience that they have effectively become a spy or a foreign agent who can be controlled. Therefore I would request all to kindly help in the cause of legalizing euthanasia (active) in India. It is common knowledge that more than 1.5 lakh people commit suicide yearly. If a euthanasia portal is activated, then many of the problems of these people might be resolved at the earliest. Otherwise, they might be given the opportunity to die peacefully in case their disability is painful and lifelong. Presently only passive euthanasia is legal in India but active euthanasia is becoming legal in many other nations around the world.

3. CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur employees need to be questioned thoroughly and prosecuted to prevent such incidents in the future. Some scientists, students and staff are involved who possibly have the same anti-national affiliation.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Santanu Banerjee.
IDDP Student, AcSIR,

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