#JusticeForHathras: We demand immediate action & instant justice for the 19-year-old girl!

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In the last 5 years, crimes against Dalit/SCs, especially women, have risen at a rapid rate. Our Dalit/SC brothers and sisters have continuously been marginalised by the upper-castes. There have been nearly 120 criminal incidents against Dalit/SCs every single day since 2014, accounting to more than 2 lakh such acts of crime until 2019. In 2018, a Dalit/SC suffered an atrocity every 12 minutes and 6 Dalit/SC women were raped every day.

Over the last few days, we have witnessed the sheer indifference that the BJP government is showing towards the brave girl in Hathras who was subjected to brutal gangrape by upper-caste men. After battling to stay alive for 15 days in the hospital, she succumbed to the fatal injuries that had been inflicted upon her. The UP Police had so much audacity that they did not allow the girl’s family to pay their respects or even grieve in peace on her death. Her body was burnt by the police who barricaded the pyre. This society has never respected a Dalit/SC’s identity even after his/her demise.

And this is not the first time this has happened. Whenever a Dalit/SC girl is brutally raped and murdered, the BJP government has remained silent. They have been complicit to every atrocity against Dalit/SCs. It is the Dalit/SCs who work day in, day out to support this country, starting from our Dalit/SC farmers to our brothers and sisters who work as Safai Karamcharis. Yet, they are the ones who have been consistently shoved to the fringes by Modiji’s BJP.

Enough is enough. This is when we need to break our silence and raise our voices against this injustice and brutality. We demand #JusticeForHathras. We demand justice for the 19-year old girl and justice for the entire Dalit/SC community. This case cannot be taken lightly and all of us commit to fight until the Central & Uttar Pradesh Governments bring the culprits of this heinous, barbaric incident to justice and deliver the harshest possible punishment upon them.

We urge the Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi to take immediate action and deliver instant justice. We urge you all to join us in taking a stand for the young Daughter of India and sign this petition, so we can push our governments in delivering #JusticeForHathras.