Justice for the Handicap village (pure) in Varanasi

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I am Jayant Singh student of Banaras Hindu University, writing this petition on the behalf of a village named "Pure" in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Unfortunately  in this village in every third home one or more then one member of family is/are handicapped (more than 105 people are disabled  out of 777 household).  During my project Swasthya Batua visit   I come across  this village  people and shocked to know this health issue. While my interactions  I come to know that since last  80 years Physical Disability  is a common issue for the villagers they born normal but after certain age they become handicap. The most down hearted part of these villagers  is that they  accepted  physical disability  as their destiny. There is an urgent need of a proper health checkup to know the root cause of this problem and to stop further spreading into the next generation. Beside this,  the villagers are in need of basic livelihood  support and education for the betterment  of their life as they do not wish to become beggars for their survival. So I would like to request you all to signs this petition and show your support for them and request our government to kindly take this matter seriously. Merely distributing wheelchair can't make life of a handicap people better they need a proper support they are also human beings with the basic Human Rights.