Justice for Asifa.... Death as penalty for culprits

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Every single day we heard about rape cases. We see , get angry & then forget because victim is not our family member.

Youth of India can bring a necessary change for making a good society where our sister , mother , daughter can move freely without any fear.

Why we are acting after the crime has been done, can then a candle march or writing post  change the life of victim?

We have to act before our girl loses her life by the hands of evil. Lets together join our hands to save our daughter, sister, mother before any misfortune happen to them.

These type of inhuman , brutal , evil act will never get stop until & unless some strict law comes into enforcement. We youth can bring this law and change the destiny of our women.

Lets raise our voice for women safety by demanding death penalty for the asifa culprits and for any rapists. Until these rapists  didn't receive a same kind of brutal response they will never change and stop.

If u want justice for asifa & many innocent girls like asifa raise ur voice and help it to reach to ears of our govt to bring in enforce death penalty to these criminals unless we will keep on losing our daughters.