Justice for ASIFA

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Asifa is small 8 years old girl, who was raped and brutally murdered inside the temple.

I'm asking the government and the cheif justice of India please hang those rapists as soon as possible,if we need to change our rules then please change them, because now if the rapists are not gonna die,then thousands of Asifa's will gonna raped and murdered by those rapists.

Where is the women security in our country?

Monthly thousands of rapes are happening in our country why?

Dear Hounerable Prime minister sir, you are a role model to the present youth in our country in making and implementing big decisions like demonetization, Swatch Bharat etc.,But now why you and your government are not doing anything in Asifa's rape case??

We need only one thing,

Hang the rapists and bring justice to Asifa .

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