Justice for all (reform in reservation)

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justic for all (reform in reservation )


Dear friends

This is the campaign in the favour of reform in present reservation system actually present reservation system has become poltical tool and rather than  improving the life of unprevleged it is only helping political party to mobilize people on the basis of caste this system is introduce to element backwardness but today we have 3times more caste are there in sc st obc in comparison to the starting of this system this mean that it is not reducing backwardness nor it is helping unprevleged to come out from their social and educational backwardness it is helping those who are already capable to capitalize this system poor are still poor and backward are still backward and more importantly because of this system one new class is emerging because of economic backwardness and lack of education day by day this class is going towards social backwardness. This is all happening because this reservation system doesn't have accountability to any one. Hence to make this system accountable and for the justice of all we need some accountability of this system and we are suggesting three reform which will make this system accountable and after that unprevleged caste and class start getting benefit of this system. The purpose reform are follows

1.  creamy layer in sc st : Because the certain group or class has emerged in sc st which is eating all the benefits of unprevleged in these cast . So to ensure justice for them we need  creamy layer in sc st.

2. Set time period for the reservation: as we said above all these problem are happening because of the unaccountability of this system so to ensure accountability we need strict time period . We can set time period like giving reservation to  four generation of one cast or family . Or if there is any other way to set time period or accountability of this system we will welcome the suggestion.

3. Decrease the limit of creamy layer in per annum income slab :  It will be around 3 or 4 lakh per annum. This will  help to give benefit to those who really need it.

 So, friends these are the suggestion or reform we are suggesting to make this system justiciable and if this will not happen quickly it will creat one more backward class or caste in socity . So, to ensure justice for all plz sign on this petition and share it to make it movement of justice and to be heard by govt.


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