Justice For 5000 Hindu Sadhus Killed by Indira Gandhi.

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I am a lawyer by profession practicing in Delhi and while writing this petition i am very ashamed of my own ignorance for not knowing about the ghastly massacre of 5000 innocent Hindu Sadhus who were brutally killed in front of the temple of Democracy in police firing on the orders of the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Feroz Gandhi and the then Home Minister Mr. Gulzari Lal Nanda on 7th November 1966.

Brief Facts :

On Dated 7th November 1966 Hindu organizations agitated to demand a ban on the slaughter of cows in India, as enshrined in Art 48 of the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India. Among Protesters, the Shankaracharya fasted for the cause. The protest turned in a massive demonstration outside Sansad Bhavan in New Delhi. The protest march started from the Arya Samaj Temple at Chandni Chowk under the leadership of Swami Karpartri Ji Majaraj under the banner of “Gauraksha Mahaabhiyan Samiti”.

The protesters reached near the parliament and the parliament session was on. The Gauraksha Samiti gave memorandum and ultimatum to the Govt beforehand but Govt was not ready to hear the people striving for a ‘complete ban of cow slaughter’ in India. It was when the agitating Hindu people in numbers were entering in the Parliament scaling the wall and gates, the police lobbed tear gas and started firing ruthlessly on the unarmed mass causing a massive homicide in Delhi in the hands of Indira Feroz Gandhi Govt.

Legal Aspect : It is utterly shameful that even after 53 Years of this Mass Massacre of the 5000 Hindu sadhus and saints, Their souls are still waiting for Justice. It is very pertinent to mention that the applicant during his research didn't find any official reference about this massacre and the entire incident was buried by the then Home Minister Mr. Gulzari Lal Nanda and the Then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Feroz Gandhi.

It is a settled principle of Law that Criminal Justice System can be set into motion by anyone at any given time and those killed 5000 Hindu sadhus and saints who have been forgotten for the last 53 years deserve be recognized as victims of a mass massacre which was orchestrated by Smt. Indira Feroz Gandhi and others.

I therefore request the Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji to Form a Special Investigation Team to investigate the massacre dated 7th November 1966 which happened in front of the Parliament of India and Make public all the records pertinent to this incident.

It is also requested that if the SIT finds Smt. Indira Feroz Gandhi guilty for ordering this ghastly massacre then her 'Bharat Ratna' award be also be taken back by the Govt. of India apart from Criminal Proceeding.

Regards Vibhor Anand Advocate