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Started by Ashish Maheshwari

We demand justice for Nirbhaya and every women out there. Everyday we come across a rape case but we fail to give justice to the victim's. Monster's like them are roaming around freely and they don't think for a second before committing such crimes. This is because we fail to bring the fear in them. We need proper law and justice for all the victims of rape, acid attack, eve teasing and every crime against women. 

Nirbhaya isn't given justice yet. The convicts are applying for mercy plea 3 days before every date of hanging and they date of hanging gets postponed. When will Nirbhaya get justice and the convicts get hanged? We need an answer from the judicial system of India. 

Many a times the crimes are not reported because of the fear of name shaming. We need to remove the fear from the minds of every individual in this society and make this country a rape free country. 

We can't blame the dress of a women because even a 3 months old is being raped. A kid who can't speak, express is being raped. Her organs weren't built properly either. What was her fault? Was it her dressing? Did she give a signal the she wants sex? NO. IT WAS THE LUST OF THAT MONSTER WHO RAPED AND KILLED HER. 

If there is a proper law and the justice is given on time we can definitely see a fall in the rate of crime against women. 

We appeal to The Prime Minister of India to take necessary action against this and bring out a proper law. We also demand fast track courts for the hearing of every crime against women. 

1,502 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!