It now time for temples and religious institutions to donate for COVID relief

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As the world is aligning to a order with the takeover of the Corona Virus, India is making progress in achieving the much needed Social distancing through the 'forced' lockdown. The Prime minister has taken the bold and decisive step to lock down the entire country to help us break the chain of the spread of this dreaded virus. Thank you and salute to our respectable Prime Minister.

This step is definitely in the right direction and perhaps was the only choice in front of him when he took the call. The government is also realizing the economic implications of this lockdown. In this regard the measures announced by the Finance Minister are well received. The measures if correctly implemented would ensure the lowest strata of our society is not severely impacted by this dreaded disease.

Today we stand connected and united towards the cause of solving this dreaded menace. History tells us that religion and patriotism have always driven Indians. Is it therefore not the duty of religion and its caretakers to help us fight this pandemic that is casting its shadow on the country?

The primary caretakers of religion, the temples ,various religious establishments, and their trusts, are sitting on massive amounts of wealth , gold and real estate. The value of this is not even known and publicly available. Since it is a joint responsibility of the country, the religious leaders and the government to fight this crisis, I request you to sign my petition.

I would request the Prime Minister of our country to instruct the big temples , religious institutions and their respective trusts to use their reserves to provide food and basic necessities to economically impacted people.

It is the turn of the temples to donate back the givings to society in times of dire need.