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Is Justice Karnan's claim valid? Initiate inquiry against 20 Judges

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On 23 January, Justice Karnan wrote a letter to the Prime Minister bringing to light an “initial list of corrupt judges” and three other officers of the Madras High Court for “high corruption at the judiciary”. He urged PM Modi to see that they were “interrogated by the officers of Central Agencies.”

But the PM has not conducted any enquiry against these judges to establish the veracity of the truth. That any claim of corruption against any judge must be taken seriously or serious action must be taken against such claims.

That now rather than initiating enquiry against all judges appointed and taking allegations of corruption seriously, the Chief Justice of India (CJI) who appointed the same judges has initiated contempt of Court against Justice Karnan, in gross abuse of power and the Chief Justice of India (CJI) has given clean chit to the judges appointed by him. That 'No man shall be a judge in his own cause' (Nemo Judex in causa sua) but that apart we want serious action against corrupt judges. One brother judge supports the other brother judge, its similar to the Godfather Family. We want no bias, only enquiry. Why did the Government return the names of few judges, yet the names were returned back by the CJI for appointment.

That on 16 October 2015 the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court by 4:1 Majority upheld the collegium system and struck down the NJAC as unconstitutional after hearing the petitions filed by several persons and bodies with Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association (SCAoRA) being the first and lead petitioner. Justices J S Khehar, MB Lokur, Kurian Joseph and Adarsh Kumar Goel had declared the 99th Amendment and NJAC Act unconstitutional while Justice Chelameswar upheld it.

Indira Jaising in her recent article in National Herald said "Meanwhile with allegations and counter allegations of corruption by sitting judges against other judges, with “dying declarations” by deceased politicians who were litigants in court against judges who heard their cases , with PILs for investigations against former Chief Justices, with PILs by practicing lawyers supporting judges, we are left with a dark, dark cloud hanging over the judiciary. No one seems to be interested in getting to the bottom of the allegations, neither the Government which could come clean with an investigation into the suicide of a former Chief Minister who switched political parties, nor the judiciary. Only the common man is left in amazement at what is going on in the temple of justice. Only the sunshine of transparency will lift the cloud. Only a procedure established by law for entertaining complaints against judges, without having to invoke the political process of removal, will satisfy the common litigant that all is well with the Judiciary. In the final analysis, who will judge the judges?"

That we are young and future generation lawyers in this country looking for legal reforms in the judiciary. Please support this petition.

P.S.: We are not in support of Justice Karnan's deeds/misdeeds/actions, because he himself was appointed by ex-SC Chief Justice who has proceedings pending against him but we are in support of cleaning the judiciary and the judicial system.

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