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Indian Railways General Bogie travel - a hell for 2.13 crore Indians every single day.

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The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
New Delhi,


Reg : Travel by the Unreserved / General Bogie in the India Railways degrades human value.

Those of us, who had to circumstantially travel by the unreserved/general bogie in our Indian Railways, know the plight of travelling in it. But those of us Indians who have no other means but to travel by it have simply got used to take all the humiliation of travelling by the Indian Railways.

Indian Railways has collected a total revenue of Rs. 1,72,000 crores out of which it has netted a profit of approx. 10500 crores. Every day 12,617 trains carry 2.28 crores of passengers out of whom 0.1 crore (10 lakhs) are reserved, 0.05 crores (5 lakhs ) are wait listed and the remaining huge chunk of 2.13 crores are unreserved passengers travelling in just two or four bogies in a train of about twenty bogies. How ? While the capacity of a general bogie is about 72 seats, more than 200 to 250 passengers squeeze into it. Every train which criss-crosses the country every day carries bogies of neglected and destitute co-human beings in the general category.

What one witnesses in these unreserved / general bogies dampens the soul and makes it weep. These people who travel in the general bogies, need to show their might to struggle into the bogies and pounce onto any seat available. Then more and more of our brethren keep pouring into the bogie, irrespective of any space available even to stand. They travel on the seat, under the seat, by the seats, in any space available – including the lavatories. As the night closes in, one finds drowsing bodies straying all around on the floor, on the births and seats and literally everywhere even while many more still do not have any place to even stand. This is a saddening scene and a sorry state of affairs. The only explanation any government can give to this is that the unreserved ticket is very cheap. So the poor man who cannot afford reserved fare is deemed to travel in such heinous conditions. Is this logical? These people do not want either births to sleep or air-conditioned travel. They simply want to travel with dignity.

Sir, this is a scene in every train and every day in our country. But we knowingly ignore it as if nothing can be done about it. It is very easy to agree upon that there is less revenue from the passenger fare. But any layman will indicate that if the 2.13 crore unreserved passengers travelling every day are taken care of properly, they will adequately contribute to the revenue. It should be understood that the railways is unable to provide sufficient travelling facilities and sufficient trains to meet the great demand to domestic travel. If the government would think of measures to provide minimum travel facility to unreserved passengers by initially doubling the number of unreserved bogies, charge a marginal increase in their fare and check ticketless travel, then both the passengers and the government will be benefitted.

Sir, governments are doing their best to provide homes, cooking gas, and what not to uplift the under-privileged. I am sure, this government will do something to uphold the pride of every Indian citizen travelling in the Indian Railways and provide means of transport with minimum facilities such as seating to all who purchase a railway ticket.

I am sure that our intellectuals will be able to come up with a good solution to this issue.

Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully


Place   : Visakhapatnam
Dated  : 23-07-2017


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