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"Bharat" not "India" is the real name of our Great Country

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We operate with two names, the original name Bharat, and the given name, India.

We the citizens of our country put a kind request to Honurable President of Bharat and Honurable Prime Minister of Bharat to change the name of our country to its pre-colonial name "Bharat". Non other country in the world are addressed by different names in different languagaes. Even smaller nations like Srilanka (Ceylon), Myanmar(Burma) etc. have changed their name to pre-colonial era, then why not a huge and country with deep ancient roots like Bharat be addressed by its orginal name rather than the name give to our country by outsiders.

Bharat - Bharat is the self-ascribed name for the country, and is even mentioned in our ancient texts. The name is derived from the name of the king Bharata (mentioned in the Rig Veda) who was the first ruler to unite the sub continent into a single nation.

Think of what comes to mind, when you think of India. Most people in the world think of poverty, violence, corruption etc. etc. (all negative vibes) External invasions are justified as people reflexively assume those regions to be backward due to the negative connotations. However, what do you imagine when you hear of Bharatvasha during the times of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Buddha, Chandraguptas and so on? People start to imagine all the sophisticated culture with expensive arts, ancient civilizations, purity of thoughts, harmony, knowledge in various fields etc. etc. ( all positive vibes).


The name Bharat is attached to our country since around 2500-3000 years back and has a rich history. Actually the official name is "Bharat" in most of the Indian languages and except when it comes to English use we use "India". Why? Because outsider wanted us to have that name or called us by that name. But today we are an independent nation.

We the people of this great country request you to pass a resolution in the Parliament and Rajya Sabha to address our country by its orginal name "Bharat" in all languages, Govt. official communications and declare it so to the world.


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