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India should be renamed Bharat Varsh. इन्डिया का नाम भारत वर्ष करें

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भारत का अर्थ है।
भा + रत
भा = ज्ञान और सत्य की खोज कर मोक्ष प्राप्त करने वाले मनुष्य
रत = प्रयत्नरत
भारत = ज्ञान और सत्य की खोज कर मोक्ष प्राप्ति को प्रयत्नरत मनुष्य

जब तक इस देवभूमि में एक भी मनुष्य ज्ञान और सत्य की खोज कर मोक्ष को प्राप्त करने को प्रयत्नरत रहेगा, भारत वर्ष न ग़ुलाम था, न है, न रहेगा। हमेशा आज़ाद था, आज़ाद है और आज़ाद रहेगा।
इसी खोज में हमें एकता मिली है।


Bharat's meaning
Bha = Seekers knowledge, truth and liberation
Rat = devoted

Bharat = people devoted to seek knowledge, truth and liberation.

Till there is a single person in this pious land devoted to seek knowledge, truth and liberation Bharat Varsh was free, is free and will remain free forever. Bharat was never enslaved in the past, it is not enslaved now and will never be enslaved in future.

In this seeking we found oneness.  

Whenever somebody occupies a nation they will change your name. It's a way of exerting their dominance , a technology of enslaving.
If you give a meaningless name you will become a meaningless person, stupid person in front of me because I have a meaningful name, I have a tradition, I have a culture-you have nothing, we become India.
The concept of a nation must sink in to everyone's mind because a nation is just an idea. When this idea burns through your mind and sinks in to your heart, and your passion rises, you have a real nation. Otherwise, "nation" is just on paper.

When the British left in 1947, first thing we should have done is to change the name in such a way that it resonates in everyone's heart and mind. We have English name for a Indian nation. Very few people understand English in our country and they are left out.
I will request prime minister of India to rename our country as Bharat Varsh so that it reverberates in everyone's heart.

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Adesh Saxena से "Prime Minister of India: India should be renamed Bharat Varsh. इन्डिया का नाम भारत वर्ष करें" के साथ आपकी सहायता की आवश्यकता है। Adesh और 106 और समर्थक आज से जुड़ें।