India PM: Use Covid-19 crisis to fix our roads & infrastructure

It is very simple to say why someone is signing this petition, in fact I feel it should be obvious to most. In normal circumstances, the government authorities give a lot of excuses for not moving projects forward... obviously to cover up for some other reasons and they are almost never held accountable. These special circumstances, albeit grim, offer a time when most of those excuses are invalid, so if the projects are completely halted at this time, it is mostly because of a lack of responsibility. I know that our system is beyond repair, but this is an easier time to work on these infrastructure projects and should be utilised, not at the cost of risking people's lives though. Of course the roads that will be built get damaged in a few months after lockdown, but they have to be built at sometime and why not do it when it is more favorable?

sujith vemishetty, Khammam, India
1 year ago
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