I will vote for a political party which will abolish the reservation system in India

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India has been struggling to become a developed country from past 70 years. In spite of having worlds largest talent pool, India has failed miserably to social evils such as corruption, inefficiency, poverty, etc. One of the most prominent hindrance for India's development is the present reservation system. The present reservation system is causing injustice to most talented people of India. The talent pool is deprived of proper education, job opportunities, etc. In no other country across the world, you can find the reservation system. In past, many people has raised this issue and demanded that the reservation system has to be discontinued. But, due to our political leaders selfish motive to grab the cast based vote bank, the reservation system was continued. The reservation system is used only for getting votes by the political parties. In this process innocent and talented people of India are subjected to injustice. If talent is murdered, then how can India develop? This is high time that India has to change and this reservation system has to be removed forever. To make this happen, each and every responsible citizen of India has to sign this petition and make a promise as follows:

I promise to vote in 2019 general elections to a political party which will abolish all the reservation system in India. I strongly believe that India will develop only if the reservations are removed from education, jobs, promotions, etc. I have signed this petition in its true spirit and shall make all contacts sign this petition till the reservation system is removed from India.