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Petitioning Prime Minister of India, Home Minister of India

Unconditional release of Abdul Nasser Maudany

When the Muslim spiritual leader Abdul Nasser Maudany was first arrested in 1998 and he spent nine and a half years in jail without trial. After nine and a half years, the judge told him that `you are innocent’! Those who loved democracy in India were shocked by this process. Maudany came out from Coimbatore jail and all the politicians in Kerala tried to gather his support. Neither the judge nor the supporters raised the issue that he deserved a proper compensation for rotting in jail for around a decade. Here is a situation where even the judge is admitting that the cases on Abdul Nasser Maudany were `fabricated’.


Instead of compensating Maudany for his unnecessary time in jail, he was again arrested with fabricated false charges. Journalist K.K. Shahina, who exposed this fabrication is also facing fabricated charges. Maudany today is in Bangalore jail without proper health care. His eye-sight is affected badly due to diabetes. 

Maudany stood for the unity of marginalized Muslims, dalits, adivasis and other marginalized sections. Perhaps this was the real reason which threatened many politicians.


Abdul Nasser Maudany is a symbol of thousands of fabricated false cases in India. The campaign for the release of Maudany is a campaign for retaining democracy in India. We request all democratic and secular people to involve in this campaign to release Maudany, whereby we raise our strong voice against one of the most significant violations of human rights in this country.

Letter to
Prime Minister of India, Home Minister of India
Human rights activists, Film Makers, Media Activists and Concerned Individuals Demand Unconditional Release of Abdul Nasser Maudany

We the following of Human Rights Activists, Film Personalities, Media Persons and concerned individuals hereby express the following concerns:

We are shocked at the way Abdul Nasser Ma’dani, his family and supporters have been harassed for a long period by the Karnataka government. Earlier Ma’dani, falsely accused in the Coimbatore blast case, was in jail for more than nine years after which the judge felt he was innocent. This itself is a statement on the way the executive machinery, judiciary and legislature works in this country. If this had happened in any other country, he would have been legally provided compensation for the human rights violation he suffered due to his wrong arrest under fabricated charges.

The human rights violation of Abdul Nasser Ma’dani is also a symbol of the way religious minorities have become second class citizens in the world’s largest democracy. We believe that what Ma’dani is facing today is due the fact that he is a spiritual leader of one of the minority communities in India. We condemn the process of fabrication of false cases against minorities and the activists of people’s movements. We demand immediate release Abdul Nasser Ma’dani as well as withdrawal of false charges against minorities dalits, adivasis and people’s movements.

We are also shocked at the way the Indian media in general has reported the case of Ma’dani’s harassment giving only the viewpoint of the police and Indian state. At the same time when independent journalists like Shahina of Tehelka have dared to investigate the case and expose the scandal the Karnataka state administration has chosen to foist false charges against her too! The persecution of Shahina is a grave threat to the freedom of speech and to the fundamentals of Indian democracy itself.

Another matter of great concern is the growing safronisation of the Indian administration itself whereby police and other agencies blatantly discriminate against Muslims, treating the entire community as ‘terrorism suspects’. There are hundreds if not thousands of Muslim youth in Indian prisons on false charges and denied basic justice in a phenomenon that is a shame to the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

We call upon the Indian government and all its agencies to uphold the rule of law and implement the secular and democratic principles of the Indian Constitution and stop behaving as if the country has become a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. In the absence of fairness to the large populations of dalits, adivasis and Muslims living in this country the future for Indian democracy can only be bleak and a recipe for perpetual conflict.

1. Aruna Roy
2. Anand Patwarthan, Film Maker
3. Dr. Binayak Sen
4. Prof. Ram Puniyani
5. Prafulla Samantara, NAPM
6. Matahny Saldanah ,Chair Person, National Fish Workers’ Forum (NFF)
7. Kerala Swathantra Matsya Thozhilali Federation
8. Theeradesha Mahila Vedhi
9. PUCL, Rajasthan
10. Bharathiya Muslim Mahila Andolan
11. Fr. George, Director, Indian Social Institute, Bangalore
13. PPSS (Anti-POSCO Movement)
14. Moving Republic
15. New Socialist Alternative
17. Pedestrian Pictures
18. IMS
19. Dr. Ilina Sen
20. Pathabhedam Magazine
21. Sudheer Kumar, Convener, Anti-Endosulfan Movement, Kasargod
22. National Adivasi Alliance
23. Kabani, The other Direction
24. C.R. Neelakandan, Writer, Activist
25. Visual Search
26. Orissa Manavik Adhikar Surakhya
27. Environmental Support group.
28. Human Rights Alert,Manipur
29. Prafulla Samanthra, National Convener, NAPM
30. Tamil Solidarity
31. Campaign to Reclaim Democracy
32. United Socialist Party (CWI- Sri Lanka)
33. Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS)
34. Common Concern, Bhubaneswar
35. OMASA, Bhubaneswar
36. Banabasi Surakshya Parishad, Kandhamal
37. Coastal Community Protection Movement, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
38. Unorganised Workers Federation, Tamil Nadu
39. National Alliance of People’s Movement - Tamil Nadu
40. Tamil Nadu Domestic Workers’ Movement, Chennai
41. Coastal Women Protection Movement, Chennai & Tiruvallur - Tamil Nadu
42. Pavement Dwellers Rights Association, Chennai
43. Coastal People Federation (CPF),Thoothukudi
44. Karangal Women Federation, Thoothukudi
45. Women's Collectives, Thoothukudi
46. Ramand Fish Workers Trade Union (RFTU),Ramanad
47. Kudalura Ulaikum Pakal Munani, Thoothukudi
48. Sahodharya Prasthanam
49. Justetia
50. Manushyavakasha Samrakshana Kendram
51. Navajanathipathya Prasthanam
52. Solidarity Youth Movement, Kerala
53. Sadhujana vimochana samithy
54. Kerala Dalit Mahasabha
55. Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity
56. Action for Social Equality
57. PUCL, Bangalore
58. K.E.N
59. Grow Vasu
60. K. Ajitha, Anweshi, Calicut
61. Civik Chandran, Calicut
62. Adv. S. Balaraman
63. Fr. Abraham Joseph
64. Adv. P.A. Pouran
65. O. Abdulrahman
66. Jameelaprakasham, M.L.A.
67. Neelalohidadasan Nadar
68. P.I. Noushad
69. T. Peter
70. Laha Gopalan, Leader, Chengara Struggle.
71. Joy Kaitharath
72. Vilayodivenugopal, Plachimada Struggle
73. M.R. Sudhesh.
74. Ekta, Mumbai
75. Aman Samudaya, Gujarat.
76. OMASA, Bhubaneswar
77. Jana Vikas, Kandhamal
78. Catholic Charities, Khurdha Road,
79. Gramya Pragati, Kandhamal
80. Dr Anand Teltumbde , Committee for the Protection of Democratic Rights - CPDR, Mumbai
81. Dr. Sunilam , Indian Solidarity Committee for Democracy, Freedom & human rights - INSOCO
82. Chitranjan Singh PUCL (National Secretary)
83. Dayamani Barla, Adivasi Astitva Raksha Manch, Jharkhand
84. Gautam Bandhopadhyay, Nadi Ghati Morcha, Chhatisgarh
85. Guman Singh, Himalaya Niti Abhiyan, Himachal Pradesh
86. Hiren Gandhi Ahmeabad, Samvedan Cultural Programe
87. Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR)
88. The Other Media
89. Utkarsh Sinha , Center for Contemporary Studies & Research, Lucknow, UP
90. Anil Chaudhary, Popular Education & Action Centr(PEACE), New Delhi
91. Irfan Ahmed, LOK MANCH, Aurangabad, Bihar
92. Virendra Vidrohi, Matsya Mewat Shiksha Vikas Sansthan (MMSVS), Alwar, Rajasthan
93. Jameela Nishat, Shaheen (Women Resource Centre), Hyderabad, AP
94. Adv. Rajendran, SRAVANTHI, Chittor, AP
95. P. Joseph Victor, HOPE, Pudducherry
96. Hema Kabrawal, Uttarakhand Nadi Bacho Abhiyan, Uttarakhand
97. D Leena, Social Development Foundation, New Delhi
98. Shiamala Baby, Forum for Women’s Rights & Development (FORWORD), Tambaram-Chennai, TN
99. Manoj Singh, Peoples’ Forum, Gorakhpur, UP
100. Kamal Kumar, Loktantrik Janadhikar Manch, Lucknow, UP
101. Ram Kumar, Dynamic Action Group, UP
102. Ashish Awasthi, Shahari Gareeb Kamgar Sangharsh Morcha, Lucknow, UP
103. Ramkrishna Shukla, Pahuj Vikas Manch, UP
104. Azma Aziz, SABAK Manch, UP
105. Nazim Ansari, AKSU, Allahbad, UP
106. Ajay Moreya, Jan Vignyan Samiti, Bihar
107. Motilal Anand, Ati Dalit Forum, Bihar
108. Sahahjahan Shaad, Aman Committee, Bihar
109. Sastanand Sharma, ITUC, Bihar
110. Sadhana, Mahila Manch, Begusarai, Bihar
111. Vijaya, Dalit Women Forum, Secunderabad, AP
112. Mohan Kantpal, Uttarakhand Hakkdhari Manch
113. Mohan Kantpal, Uttarakhand Parivartan Party
114. Prabhat Dhyani, Mahila Ekta Parishad, Uttarakhand
115. Govindsinh Mehra, Uttarakhand Sarpanch Sanghatan, Uttarakhand
116. Premsingh, Alaknanda Vichar Sangh, Uttarakhand
117. Sandhya Anand, Mahila Jagran, Bihar
118. Kisan Morcha, Bikaner, Rajasthan
119. Center for Social Initiatives, Gorakhpur, UP
120. Mahila Morcha, Banswara, Rajasthan
121. Dalit Sena, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
122. Apada Nivarak Manch, UP
123. alyani Menon-Sen, New Delhi
124. Dr. Saroop Dhruv, Ahmedabad
125. Dr. Sebastian Paul
126. Basurendra Babu
127. Swami Vishwabhadhrananda Shakthi Bodhi
128. May 17 Movement, Tamilnadu
129. Tamil Solidarity
130. Campaign to Reclaim Democracy
131. Peoples' Solidarity Concerns
132. Karnataka Jana Sakthi
133. Samanatha Mahila Vedike
134. .Peoples’ Democratic Forum
135. Stree Jagruti Samiti
136. Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike
137. People’s Watch
138. Human Rights Defenders’ Alert
139. Common Concern
140. BhubaneswarBanabasi Surakshya Parisad Kandhamal
141. Students Christian Movement of India (SCMI)
142. Jatadhar Bachao Andolan
143. Rajdhani Basti Unneyan Parishat, Bhubaneswar.
144. Roy David, National Adivasi Alliance
145. Tribal Joint Action Karnataka
146. Budakattu Krishikaru Sangam
147. Mandigere Chikkamangluru Karnataka
148. INSAF Karnadaka Sanchulaku Karnataka
149. BKS , NR Pura
150. BKS President, Somwarpet Taluk, Kodagu District.
151. Robin , Keraleeyam
152. Pushparayan, Coastal Peoples’ Federation
153. Ajayan, RIGHTS
154. B.R.P Bhaskar
155. Satya Sagar, journalist/activist
157. KAMAL (Film Director)
158. TV Chandran (Film Director)
159. KR MOHAN (former Vice Chairperson , Film Acadomy, Kerala)
160. KP KUMARAN (Director)
161. LENIN RAJENDRAN (Director)
162. PT KUNHI MUHAMMED (Director)
163. CN VENKIDESWARAN (Film Critic)
164. KG JAYAN (Cinematographer)
165. RV RAMANI (Cinematographer)
166. MJ Radhakrishnan (Cinematographer)
167. B Ajith Kumar (Fil Editor)
168. SHAhanad (Cinematographer)
169. SUNNY JOSEPH (Cinematographer)
170. VK JOSEPH (Former Vice Chairman , Film Acadamy, )
172. 170.BABU BHARADWAJ (Writer)
175. Dr K GOPINATH (Director)
176. GP RAMACHANDRAN (Film Critic)
177. MADHU JANARDHANAN (Film Activist)
178. P BAURAJ (Film Maker)
179. MANILAL (Director)
180. CR CHANDRAN (Recordist)
181. VR GOPI NATH (Film Director)
182. AJ JOJI (Photographer)
183. M VIJAYAKUMAR (Film Activist)
184. CR VIJAYAKUMAR (Film Activist)
185. MADHU JANARDHANAN (Film Activist)
186. A MOHAN KUMAR (Film Activist)
187. TP MUHAMMED SHAMEEM (Film Activist)
188. DEEPESH (Director)
189. RAZI AHAMMED (Art Director)
190. DEEPU (Film Maker)
191. SREEMITH (Film Maker)
192. K SATHEESH KUMAR (Film Maker)
193. SEENA PANOLI (Film Activist)
194. MUJEEB (Film Activist)