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Hinduism Protection Law

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India is the country where Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) was born. Today Hindus are facing the huge problem on a day to day basis from Non-Hindus and Pseudo secular people who continue to attack Hinduism and mock its traditions from all directions thereby triggering a hostile environment.

As a normal citizen of this country, we could see the amount of hatred being displayed in the Media, Social Media etc getting bigger every day. Though it is well known that several countries want to break India (by breaking Hinduism) by activating their sepoys in India, the common man of India faces huge attacks on the platforms of social media by these anti-hindu elements. This is ultimately leading to spreading of vigorous hatred amongst the religions in India leading to violence, riots and personal vengeance.

The only way these issues can be solved is to prevent hate contents targeting religions. Though there are existing laws, its still not effective enough as the problem continue to exist with the advent of social media. 

Hence we request the honourable Members of Parliament, India to pass a bill and create a law which will prevent hate contents being spread on Hinduism and mocking of Hindu Traditions and Gods. A strong law such as this one can ensure peace between normal citizens of India there by preventing the vicious minded people from spreading divisions and hatred amongst Indians.

The law must ensure and ask for Mutual Respect between the Religions of India. Such a law was recently passed by the Venezuela government to curb manufactured hatred being spread in media and social media.

Thank you.

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