#Help Syrian Refugees, Open your Big hands to the war refugees staying in other countries.

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"I was not forced to turn into a prostitute, I myself turned into a prostitue" said a syrian refugee in Lebanon with a kid in her hands.She is a muslim housewife who doesn't come out of her house in their home country she fleed from their house to survive but she did not expect to survive in this state of selling her body on the roads.

She fleed from her country in the hope of a better life,but not in this form.This is a mere example of how the unregistered refugees are living in other countries.They are still in a hope that there will be oneday  where we are away from these dreadful conditions.The conditions of the registered refugees are also not in a better conditions.

Refugee camps are seen as a victory in our eyes. They are the sanctuary for fleeing refugees from Syria trying to fight persecution by Assad’s regime.There isn’t enough food so expired food is distributed leaving people sick. There isn’t enough space to accommodate the influx of refugees; many people have to share a tent for sleeping.

"At the vaccination clinic, the women would wrap their babies in plastic bags because they don’t have the means to keep the baby dry in a tent where the water seeps from the top," Says Nada Sidani a nurse from the syrian refugee camps.

"They were the withholding the aid that had been delivered,and then using these women for sex.This was a range of women.There are women of different ages in the group.Some had experienced it themselves,Some were very distraught.I saw one women crying in the room she was very upset about what she had experienced and it clearly had a very impact on her.It was so endemic that they couldn't go without being stigmatised.This war is seven years old.We received first reports...that I knew about it anyway in 2015,it's now 2018" said a humanitarian worker.

We can't  even imagine ourself in such situations which are faced by these people in their home country.Luckily some of them have survived the atrocities in their home country and the refugee people are going to other countries to die in other countries and to live a dreadful life.

These are some of the few examples of the troubles and adversities faced by  the syria refugees.We from India can help the Syria refugees by keeping pressure on the Indian government to help the syrian refugees by giving some support to  Lebanon and other countries who are alrady extending there warm hands to the Syrian refugees.

What we can do sitting in our home is to make our government help the neighbouring countries like lebanon,turkey and jordan who are extending their big hands in helping these refugees.They are doing what they can do within the limited resources available in their countries.We saying ourselves as a big and powerful country, and trying to become a super power we have a duty to help  others who are in need as people and as a nation in whole.