Hearing and Visually Impaired people would like to enjoy movies too!

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In developed countries, it is a mandate for all films to be made with Audio Description (for Visually Impaired) and Captions (for Hearing Impaired). In India we have no such mandate; however, there are more than 1 crore people with Visual and Hearing impairment. There are a multitude of problems:
1. Films are not created with Audio Description/ Closed Captioning
2. Foreign films that do come with Captions/ Audio description into the country, do not send the subtitles/ captions/ AD for censorship; hence Cinemas cannot play the subtitles.

1. All Indian Films to be made with inclusive content ( Audio Description and Closed Captions)
2. All foreign film content to be brought with inclusive content and
3. Total content including Audio Description/ captions/ subtitles should be sent to the censor board for censorship.

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