Hazardous chemicals in daily use products

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There are numerous electronic, electrical and childcare daily use products being sold at cheap prices on Indian streets. Most of these products are imported from China in bulk quantity at throw away prices. Our price sensitive consumers are buying these products without knowing the fact that these products could contain hazardous chemical elements such as Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chrome etc which can impact health and environment when disposed off. For example, battery in torch may contain excessive amount of Lead which can distroy our environment and water resources, a balloon (plaything for child) may contain excessive amount of Phosphorus which is health hazard. Our health, safety and environment is in danger due to these unregulated products. In order to secure future generations, EU has long back implemented RoHS and REACh directives that prevents all of these hazardous chemical elements in products. India also need RoHS and REACh guidelines strictly implemented for all electronic, electrical and childcare products sold in IndiaI request all citizens of India to come forward to support this initiative and we together urge PMO and Ministry of commerce to strictly implement RoHS and REACh guidelines as soon as possible. I am a parent and can't see my next generation in danger. Please spread the message so that our government wakes up before it is too late !