Let us celebrate April 14th birth day of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as ''Day of Self Belief !

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The name of Dr Ambedkar  brings us the thought of Reservations and the Messiah of the depressed people foremost.                                                                                     But, is that all about Dr.B.R. Ambedkar?

If we can look beyond that, beyond the image :     We can see a relentless fighter, whose success never gave relief from the perpetual humiliations.   But,nevertheless those ridicules, humiliations never succeeded in restraining his Spirit and his Pursuit !                                                       

           That fight started when he was really young, right at the age of innocence when he was still a little school kid. They said you can not touch us , you can not sit with us, drink with us...  above all he was told : studying is not the kind of work you can do...

But, the lonely kid was blessed with one thing in abundance: immense self- belief! The self-belief that destined him and the country!        

          The humiliations never ceased  but,they failed stopping him become the best intellectual among his contemporaries.

 The kid with no playmates did not cry  and leave the school but fought with books after books, earned Doctorate  and degrees in economics from prestigious Columbia University and  famous Cambridge University and more.

Dr.Ambedkar is not a person who will  let somebody tell him:    No you can not do that!

For his self belief is above what even  the world believed.!


A talk about Ambedkar will never be complete without reservations and caste,  so you can check this article, the scientific basis for the necessity of reservations at this page!


Briefly saying, the system of reservations healed  and healing the wound of generations of generations and the class struggle, class transition and egalitarianism is unlike being bloody like in Europe ( French revolution), Russia (communist revolution), America ( civil war ) where chains of the society were broken with blood n war, here it is through fraternity! An invisible social expression of fraternity!

  Ambedkar if chose a bitter dividing path like a politician he would have had become a very powerful leader in his time but, people would have suffered. But, with reservations he healed the nation in an invisible way.


India rather imprisoned Ambedkar  as the savior of the depressed classes. In that process we forgot his path, the path of a man who believed in himself against the world!  

Let us celebrate the legacy of  Dr.Ambedkar who gave the soul to the Republic of India,healed the nation and built the nation invisibly @ constitution ( India never came under dictatorship credit goes to the constitution of India.)!

Let us celebrate the great journey of Bharata Ratna Dr. B.R.Ambedkar (MA., Ph.D., M.Sc., D.Sc., Barrister-at-Law, L.L.D., D.Litt) by  celebrating his birth day as the 


 Ambedkar's success is the success of the downtrodden people, success of his Brahmin teacher who believed in him, success of the Baroda king who sponsored his foreign studies...                                                                                                                Above all it is the success of the human spirit against all the odds , just like Rocky Bulboa says in the above Picture.

Join me in my request to our honorable PM and the Govt of India to declare Birth Day of Dr.Ambedkar April 14 as the 

                                   "AATMA VISWAS DIWAS"!


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 thanks one and all!

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