government of India should start lifelong stipend for lawyers both senior and junior

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advocates or lawyers are a neglected breed in India. most of the junior lawyers, almost 99% dont get paid for the work they have done. senior lawyers dont earn enough decent income to have a decent life. government of india did nothing for lawyers. wont it be a duty of government who provide so much for poor to look after lawyers too ? that is why this petition.

one of the leading legal news portal said :

Money. There will be very little of it, if at all.

A well known senior lawyer practising at the Delhi High Court once told me:

Juniors should be grateful for anything they’re paid for the ‘first few years’, after all, college doesn’t even teach the basics of practising in courts.

Juniors at his office start with a monthly salary of Rs 5,000. He’s a generous man.

One of the most successful lawyers in India doesn’t pay his juniors a dime for the first one year.

The chances of working with a well-paying lawyer/law firm are very few unless you’re from one of the national law schools or belong to a well-connected family.

Wait, scratch that.

The chances are very few, simply because there are very few lawyers / law firms which pay a respectable amount.

Two reasons are offered by most lawyers:

a) Law School leaves you ill-prepared for practising before courts.
It takes a few months before a fresh graduate is of any use for an experienced lawyer.

There is a fair bit of truth in the first half of this reason.

The irony however is that the Bar Council of India, which is a body of several accomplished lawyers, regulates law schools.

So basically, lawyers decide what/how law will be taught, only to (rightly) claim later that the training imparted by a system they regulate isn’t good enough.

b) ‘You shouldn’t even think about money when you start, you should focus on work.
Believe it or not, the practice of paying juniors a pittance is considered a proud custom.

Senior lawyers speak fondly of how even they weren’t paid anything respectable when they started and emotionally communicate to the fresh graduate that the baton of this custom is being passed on to him/her.

I’ve heard instances of lawyers taking offense at their associates asking them how much they will be paid.

Advice: Try to compensate for what law school doesn’t teach you by working hard in your internships and don’t hesitate from having a polite and honest conversation with your senior about your remuneration (or lack thereof).

3 biggest challenge

also high court of gujarat passsed a ruling in which it dictated that :

You’re not an advocate if working anywhere full-time (including probably at law firms on retainer loophole) [READ JUDGMENT]

meaning is very clear. you cannot earn money while practicing law. your senior wont pay you. you cannot work in a law firm or company full time. you better forget making money. you cannot earn it. read the full judgement here :

jalpa pradeepbhai desai

also read the news and analysis here :

you cannot work anywhere

no elaboration is needed anymore i think.  hence my petition to the government is that since law is a full time job and an unpaid job, government should do something for the lawyers. government should start a lifelong pension for lawyers both senior and junior and other benefits like :

1. health plan

2. loan scheme

3. subsidy on food items

4. empanelment of lawyers through a written exam.

and anything the government thinks fit....


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